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A Profile of Radio Personality John Landecker


John Landecker, Radio Personality

John Landecker, Radio Personality

Photo: TKO Radio Network
Personal: Born March 28, 1947. He grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Radio: Landecker began his radio career while still in high school.

Landecker arrived in Chicago in 1972 as a night DJ at WLS-AM where he garnered success for almost a decade.

In 1981 he moved to CRTR, Toronto.

Landecker arrived at WMJK-FM, Chicago in 1997.

By 2003 had gone to WGN-AM, Chicago doing weekends and then in 2006 he moved to True Oldies 94.7 WZZN (Now WLS-FM) where he was on-the-air until October, 2007.

Landecker now hosts the syndicated program Into the Seventies.

Claim to Fame: "Boogie Check" was Landecker's signature bit.

True Fact: "Records" really is his real middle name. His mother gave it to him because it was her maiden name.

Awards: Inducted into the Radio wing of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; Achievement in Radio Award as "Best Morning Show in Chicago" (1997); Radio & Records Award as "Best Oldies Morning Show in America" (2001, 2002).

Landecker is now working on various projects. Wikipedia notes he "...enjoys rebuilding Swiss clocks and smoking his own bacon."

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