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A Profile of Radio Personality Jack L. Cooper


Jack L. Cooper, Pioneer Radio Deejay

Jack L. Cooper, Pioneer Radio Deejay

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Career: Cooper began his radio career as a comedian on WCAP/Washington D.C.

He later moved to Chicago and debuted The All Negro Hour on WSBC, November 3, 1929. It was a weekly show at first but eventually was expanded to 10 hours-a-week.

The program aired until 1935. Cooper also broadcasted over WHFC, Chicago. Cooper stayed on the air in one form or another until 1961

Claim To Fame: Considered the first African-American disc-jockey and radio announcer.

Also, Cooper began playing records over the air with a home phonograph and historians argue whether he was the first "DJ" or whether Al Jarvis in California was. Many believe it was simultaneous.

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