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A Profile of Radio Personality Bruce Morrow


"Cousin" Bruce Morrow, SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Photo Credit: © SIRIUS Satellite Radio
Born: October 13, 1937 in Brooklyn, New York

Radio: Bruce Morrow became "Cousin Brucie" in 1959 while a DJ at WINS-AM, New York.

After a short stint in Miami in 1961, he returned to New York and joined Top 40 WABC-AM. He was successful there until 1974.

He joined WNBC-AM for two years and then, beginning in 1982, Morrow went to work for oldies-formatted WCBS-FM where he was employed until June 3, 2005 when the Oldies-formatted station flipped to the "JACK" format and fired it's staff.

On June 9, 2005 SIRIUS Satellite Radio announced that Morrow would be joining the satellite provider to do several Oldies shows.

Syndication: Between 1987 and 1993, Morrow hosted "Cruisin' America", which was heard nationally.

Claim to Fame: Cousin Bruce introduced the Beatles at the 1965 Shea Stadium concert.

Awards: Morrow was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1988. He was also inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

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