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Radio Jingles and Special Radio Elements

Radio Jingles and special Radio audio and elements are fun to collect or just listen to. Here, you will find links to audio archives on the Internet where you can listen and sometimes download classic jingles and productions as well as Radio elements that might have originally been created for Radio people as gags or entertainment.

The Radio Glee Club
Radio stations still use jingles but they are not as prevalent as they used to be. One of the reasons i was attracted to the radio business was because of the music stations played and the music - the jingles - created for stations and deejays. My first love was Top 40 radio with all it's Pop music, crazy deejays, and nutty attitude. Why? It was...

PAMS Productions, Inc.
It's hard to decide who's the top Radio station jingle creator. But, PAMS must be a contender. Plus, PAMS actual will record jingles for individuals, too. Listen to a montage of people who have their own jingle! Also view the PAMS photo album, listen to PAMS classic jingles and much more.

JAM Creative Productions
JAM is one of the leaders in creating jingle packages for Radio stations worldwide. Hear some of their best stuff. Download their demo, take a virtual studio tour and look in their special area for collectors and fans.

WABC jingles
WABC-AM was probably the most famous "Top 40" Music Radio Station in history. Its jingles are legendary and great fun to listen to.

ReelWorld Jingles
Reelworld is another company that creates state-of-the-art Radio jingles. You even get to play "Pong" while the site is loading. Listen to demos and production elements.

The Production Room
This is an excellent archive of Radio jingles featuring a good dose of Drake/Chenault jingles, the guys who basically invented Top 40 Radio. You'll also find jingles from PAMS, KHJ Radio and more.

It's all about the jingles at Jinglemad.com - chatrooms, jingle forums, downloads, jingle links, radi photos and more.

Jingles from KROQ-AM & FM
Jingles from KROQ-AM & FM in Pasadena, CA and KMET in Los Angeles from the private collection of Stan Amster at kroqjingles.com.

Jingle University
Why just listen to jingles when you can become a scholar? This website bills itself as "A unique web site to study the world of musical Jingles". Study hard and you can take the optional Jingle University Final Exam.

The Norman Barrington Jingle Archive
This site features a comprehensive listing of jingles produced by the major jingle companies. You can download his database of jingle listings, available in several formats.

The Jingle Book by Ken R.
The Jingle Book by Ken R. is the definitive guide to the history and development of Radio jingles.

Pete Wilson's Jingle Site
Here you will find a great assembly of British Radio jingles including the BBC, Radio One, Tony Blackburn Show, Wycombe Radio and others.

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