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Technology continues to allow Radio more opportunities to be used in different ways and on different devices. This section contains news and informational articles on radio products designed for home, vehicles and personal computer use.

Put a Radio on Your Motorcycle: Intercoms, Headsets, FM, and More
Hitting the open road on your bike is always better with a few comforts from home - like a radio. Here are a few products including intercoms and headsets that feature a built-in FM radio as part of the package.

CCRadio-EP Simplifies the Radio Experience for AM and FM
The CCRadio-EP from C. Crane Company has no clock, no alarms, no presets. What it does do is allow you to listen to AM and FM. Plus: the built-in Twin Coil Ferrite Antenna allows for superior AM reception. If you're having trouble listening to your favorite radio stations - and you want to do it on a real radio - read more.

Home Audio for Radio Fans: Hardware, Software, Systems
Looking to upgrade your home audio sound system? For many people, the home audio entertainment system begins with a radio and builds out from there. Here are some suggestions for home audio components, hardware, and systems to make your job of putting together the best home audio sound room you can.

Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio Connects Faster to Thousands of Internet Radio Stations
We love Internet radio but we hate being stuck at our computer when we want to listen. One of the newer solutions to this problem is the Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio from Com One. It brings thousands of radio stations from across the Internet into your home – without the need of a PC. Read more.

New "Web Radio" Retrieves Webcasts, Podcasts Without a Personal Computer
PenguinRadio, Inc and Solutions Radio of Delft, Netherlands have released the U.S. version of the “Web Radio”, a standalone Internet radio that streams webcasts and podcasts without the need for a personal computer.

SoundBridge Radio: AM, FM, Wireless, Internet Streams, Podcasts and an Alarm!
Roku has introduced "SoundBridge Radio" - a wireless (Wi-Fi) music system. It combines stereo speakers with a subwoofer, AM/FM radio, alarm, Internet radio and digital music streaming features. More details.

Give Dad The Gift of Radio For Father’s Day
Looking for a last minute gift for Dad? If he's a radio fan, have a look at this variety of suggestions.

Review: radioSHARK Records AM/FM Radio With Ease And Style
radioSHARK is one of those products that delivers a lot in a seemingly small package. It's a software/hardware combination which is designed to record AM and FM radio programming from your local radio stations - or at least the stations you can pick up in your area. Full Review

Sono Digital Media Player Unshackles Internet Radio From Your Computer
SONO is a versatile, well-crafted product. For about $150 you can take your Internet Radio with you anywhere around your home or apartment. A combination software/hardware control system allows you to change from Internet Radio, local FM, mp3 files, or CDs from your computer and from the tuner's location you can tune to local FM without having to go back to your computer. Read more.

POGO! Products Introduces Portable Digital AM/FM Radio Recorder
PoGo! Products has introduced its new Radio YourWay LX portable digital AM/FM radio recorder which allows users to listen record, rewind, and playback programs on their own schedule.

Now: Listen to Radio@AOL Through NETGEAR Wireless Music Player
Users of AOL's Internet radio services can now tune in to over 175 stations of originally programmed music from their home stereos through the NETGEAR Wireless Digital Music player. Read more.

radioSHARK Records and Time Shifts AM/FM For PC or MAC
Griffin Technology Inc is now shipping the radioSHARK, a desktop AM-FM Radio with time-shift recording capabilities. Compatible with both Mac and PC computers, radioSHARK allows users to listen to and record their favorite AM or FM radio broadcasts. Read more.

DISH Subscribers Can Now Hear Elvis Channel From SIRIUS Satellite Radio
The DISH Network satellite TV service is now broadcasting the SIRIUS Elvis Radio channel to subscribers. Read more.

British Digital Radio Records Music From Broadcasts and More
British music lovers now have a radio that can receive, rewind and record digital audio broadcasts. It's called "The Bug". Read more.

D-Link Wireless Media Player Distributes Radio Audio and More Throughout Home
D-Link has announced the D-Link Wireless Media Player that distributes Internet Radio, digital music, video and photos stored on PCs to play and view on a television and/or stereo system. Read more.

Radio@AOL Jumps From PC To Whole House With New Wireless Player
America Online has teamed up with D-Link to offer users a wireless solution for listening to Radio@AOL throughout the home. No longer are fans of this service tied down to their PC. Plus: buy the hardware and get the programming for free. Read more.

Hazard Alert Radios Could Save Your Life
With spring storms occurring in force, now is a good time to remember that receiving and heeding early hazard advice is key. Increasingly, many communities are now recommending that their residents include hazard alert radios among their home safety devices for just this very thing. Read more.

Easy Solutions for Transmitting Music To AM / FM Radio / Headphones
Looking for a way to send your music to an AM or FM destination? Whether it's a radio or headphones, here's a solution for both. Details.

Go From PC To Home Stereo With Linksys Wireless-B Music System
If you're looking for a solution for getting the music on your PC or streaming Internet stations to your home stereo without cables, then the new Linksys Wireless-B Music System might be for you. Details.

New Internet Radio Device, iAPlayer, Bridges PC With Home Stereo
iMuse Electronics has introduced, iAPlayer, and new home entertainment audio component that moves streaming audio and music files from your personal computer to your home stereo or entertainment system. unit is designed to be simple to use and is targeted for non-technical users. Read More.

"Radio YourWay" Records AM/FM
'Radio YourWay' is a palm-sized device that can easily record any AM/FM broadcast for later listening. Plus: it can double as a voice-recorder and an .mp3 player. Read More!

RPR - The Radio Program Recorder
RPR - The Radio Program Recorder is touted as a VCR for Radio. It's a system of components in one convenient package that let's the user record digital-quality radio programs for later listening.

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