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OTR.net Keeping Old Time Radio Shows Alive So You Can Listen Free

Dateline: 08/15/06


Old Time Radio – sometimes called the Golden Age of Radio - is generally considered the period between 1920 and 1950. Radio programming during that era was quite different from today.

“Longform” programming was more the norm featuring stars of the day in recurring and/or episodic shows that ran 10, 15, 30 or more minutes.

Many Radio stars of that period originally migrated over from the vaudeville circuit (as many later Radio stars migrated over to television upon its inception).

Was it a better time in Radio? Well, it was definitely a different time when the medium offered a different style of entertainment.

OTR.net is a website which claims to have over 11,000 Old Time Radio shows in its library which you can listen to for free.

OTR.net has categorized programs alphabetically by name so if you wish to listen to say, old “Abbott and Costello” shows (highly recommended), they are all in one place.

The website provides you with the year the show first aired along with clean and uncluttered listen links.

You’ll need a copy of the free Real Player for listening. You can obtain your copy at www.real.com.

Whether you are already a fan of this vintage programming or are simply looking for a fresh way to pass some time, Old Time Radio shows are a wonderful source of entertainment and history.

Visit OTR.net at www.otr.net

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