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Meet Kenny Johnson, a Young Webmaster With an Old Passion


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Updated January 31, 2006
Kenny Johnson is a 32-year-old Systems Administrator from Birmingham, Alabama who has a passion for Old Time Radio. He works for a company that provides secure streaming video for child care centers and schools and is married with two small Maltese dogs that he and his wife love like kids. In his spare time, he is the webmaster for OldTimeRadioFans.com. I recently posed a few questions to him.

Corey: How did you get interested in Old Time Radio?

Kenny: When I was a child my family did not have a television. My parents would buy tapes of old time radio shows like "Lights Out" and "The Shadow". I grew to love those old time radio shows and have not grown out of it.

Corey: Tell me about OldTimeRadioFans.com

Kenny: OldTimeRadioFans.com is a website that offers free downloads of old time radio shows in MP3 format. At this time the site has about 250 shows listed on it and I add about 10 shows per week. I hope to continue adding shows until the site has thousands of free otr shows listed.

Corey: You must be aware that similar sites charge for these shows. Your downloads are free. Your feelings on that?

Kenny: Old time radio is awesome! Right now OldTimeRadioFans.com is supported by running otr related advertisements on the site. I hope that I can always pay the bills to keep the site running without having to charge for the shows.

Corey: Do you think Podcasting and Internet Radio have contributed to renewed interest or awareness of Old Time Radio and how, if so.

Kenny: The Internet has definitely sparked a new interest in otr! I personally know people who loved otr as children but had not listened to it in years... until they discovered that you can listen online! I also have friends about my age who had never heard of otr until I introduced them to it. Now they call me up to tell me that they just listened to "Amos & Andy" or "The Shadow" online!

Corey: What would you like to say I haven't asked you about?

Kenny: Thanks to every person who has ever listed a free otr show online! I believe that otr kind of represents a time of innocents in this country that is lost forever. Old time radio gives us a chance to remember and relive the "good old days".

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