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A Product Tour of HD Radio Receivers/Tuners For Car and Home


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Kenwood KTC-HR100 HD Radio Tuner
KenwoodKTC-HR100 HD Radio

KenwoodKTC-HR100 HD Radio

Photo Credit: ©Kenwood

According to Pricegrabber:

"Can be Used with All HD Radio-Ready Kenwood In-Dash Receivers; Can be Used with Most SIRIUS-Ready Kenwood In-Dash Receivers; Connects via 5-Line Changer Terminal; Improved Sound Quality and Reception over Analog FM/AM; Provides Song Title, Artist and Other Content Information via Stereo or Adapter Display; Replaces Internal FM/AM Tuner in All 2004 - 2003 3D MASK Pro & 3D MASK In-Dash Receivers"

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