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Radio Software Apps for iPod Touch

Listening to Your Favorite Radio Stations as Easy as Downloading an App


Slacker Mobile Radio Application for iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch

Slacker Mobile Radio Application for iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch

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Software Apps - applications - now make it easy to receive Internet streams, traditional AM and FM radio, and even SIRIUS XM satellite programming on your cell phone and iPad. Here are a few of the more popular solutions.

iheartradio - Clear Channel Radio offers "iheartradio", an application for iPod Touch that features hundreds of Clear Channel radio stations from around the country in various genres. For more about iheartradio, visit this link.

Livio Car Internet Radio is an application for iPhone and iPod. Livio says this app features "...he very first interface designed for use in a vehicle and uses a 3G/Edge or Wi-Fi connection to stream over 42,000 AM/FM and internet radio stations." The Livio Car Internet Radio app is available on the App Store.

Slacker Personal Radio Mobile - If you own an iPod Touch, this app will let you stream Slacker radio stations on-the-go (whether your phone is connected to a wireless network or not). Slacker offers thousands of stations, some programmed by pros, others programmed by individual Slacker users. For more on this, go here.

SIRIUS XM Radio App - SIRIUS XM Radio has announced the availability of a free iPod Touch application at the Apple App Store which will allow iPod Touch users receive SIRIUS XM's Satellite Radio channels through the company's expanded Internet content. Get more information on the iPad Touch app here.

Wunder Radio - WunderRadio is an AM/FM and Internet radio tuner application for iPod Touch users which is a joint project between RadioTime and Weather Underground. It claims to be able to bring 60,000 sources of content to the iPod Touch. See more at this link.

AOL Radio - AOL Radio for the iPod Touch streams Internet Radio and offers a variety of cool options. The app is powered by CBS Radio and features over 200 stations and 25 genres of music and other programming. More information at this link.

Stitcher - A free cell phone "Smart Radio" application, available on a number of handsets, including the iPod Touch. Visit www.stitcher.com.

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