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Sono Digital Media Player Unshackles Internet Radio From Your Computer

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SONO Internet Radio and Media Player

SONO Internet Radio and Media Player

The Bottom Line

SONO is a versatile, well-crafted product. For about $150 you can take your Internet Radio with you anywhere around your home or apartment. A combination software/hardware control system allows you to change from Internet Radio, local FM, mp3 files, or CDs from your computer and from the tuner's location you can tune to local FM without having to go back to your computer.


  • Extremely easy software installation
  • Tuner also plays mp3 files and CDs
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Tuner footprint is small - doesn't take up too much room


  • Audio fidelity is average for a portable unit
  • It would be nice if the transmitter was a little smaller (or taller and less wide)
  • The software should include a built-in Internet Radio directory like similar software-only products


  • Wireless Internet Radio anywhere in your home.
  • Access to all your other media (mp3 files and CDs).
  • Lightweight portability.
  • Easy installation.
  • Priced at about $150 dollars.
  • Works with Windows 98SE and up.

Guide Review - Sono Digital Media Player Unshackles Internet Radio From Your Computer

SONO is a portable stereo tuner/player which works wirelessly in your home. You can place it anywhere within the wireless range and listen to Internet Radio, local FM, your mp3 files, or CDs.

The software which comes with the unit installs easily and is fairly intuitive. From your computer you can control which media you want to listen to, adjust volume, tune to stations, and build a customized list of Internet Radio stations for your listening.

It's simple to setup: plug in the base unit (wireless transmitter) using a USB port. Turn on the portable SONO tuner and install the software. Your unit will be operating in just moments.

The range was equivalent to my wireless broadband router and I was able to listen to the SONO on the opporsite side of my home with no problem.

Other features include: an FM tuner, FM Autotune, Data channel (USA & Europe) large blue backlight display on both portable unit and software, and 6 presets.

If you're a fan of streaming Internet Radio but also enjoy your other media, investing in SONO will give you the flexibility to listen to any of them, anywhere around the home.

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