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Top 10 Scary Radio Stories of 2009


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#9 Testimony in Trial Where Listener Died After Radio Station Contest
(Tuesday September 29, 2009)

Remember the story about the radio station contest where participants had to drink water and hold it? It was a contest called "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" but nobody expected a mother of three to die from it. It was January, 2007 and the hosts of KDND-FM's 'Morning Rave' -- who went by the on-air names Trish, Maney and Lukas -- were fired over it.

Jennifer Lea Strange, 28, died of water intoxication after participating and now it's in court. According to sacbee.com: "The broadcast executive in charge of the radio station...testified today that he never knew about the event until he got word several hours afterward that Jennifer Lea Strange had died."

Lawyers for the plaintiff are trying to establish that Entercom Communications, parent company to KDND-FM, "...lacked the internal controls to prevent the dangerous contests from taking place." The trial continues.

Hear It: Here is an edited version of some audio from the contest including members of the morning show including the voice of contestant Jennifer Strange. Listen Now

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