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Top 10 Scary Radio Stories of 2009


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#1 Radio Caller Grateful for Safety After Car Crash
Radio as a business and profession is not immune to its share of awful events and circumstances which sometimes produce death, murder, crime, terrorism, domestic violence, sex crimes, and just plain bizarre outcomes. Here are the 10 scariest Radio stories of 2009, listed chronologically by date.

(Thursday January 22, 2009)

A story from msnbc.com describes a pregnant radio caller who now realizes talking on the phone to her favorite radio personalities was probably not the best thing to do while driving.

The woman, only known as Allison, was speaking with "Star 94"/Atlanta personalities Jill Becker and Karyn Greer when she began screaming "Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah". Allison had let her conversation distract her, leading to the crash.

Mother and her unborn baby, Noah, are fine. Allison was quoted as saying, "You think you're invincible and you are not."

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