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Spooky October Radio - Listen to Halloween Radio Online

Radio that Goes Bump in the Night - Scary and Funny Songs


Musicque Macabre - Halloween Radio Station

Musicque Macabre - Halloween Radio Station

Screenshot: Musicque Macabre Webpage
If you are looking for some spooky streams to listen to for a Halloween party, as you carve your pumpkin this year, or for any other seasonal reason, then check these out and bookmark the ones you'll need or want to come back to.

HalloweenRadio.net - HalloweenRadio.net actually has three channels to choose from: "Halloween Radio", "Halloween Atmosphere", and "Halloween Oldies".

13th Track - 13th Track Halloween Radio offers a clever flash animated music player with good stream of Halloween music.

Boogeyman Radio - "...horror sounds on the net! Songs, scores, rock, psychobilly, metal, and more..."

Horror Old Time Radio - An Old Time Radio Halloween show.

The Never Ending Wonder Halloween Radio Empire - several stations features several genres of Halloween-related music and songs.

Halloween Stations listed at Shoutcast.com - dark music for tortured souls from a variety of sources.

Channel 66.6 HM Haunted Radio - "Your radio home for everything horror!"

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