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A Profile of Radio Personality Kidd Kraddick


Kidd Kraddick, Radio Personality

Kidd Kraddick, Radio Personality

Screenshot: www.kiddlive.com
Born: August 22, 1959

Died: July 27, 2013

Personal: Married to Caroline and has a daughter, Caroline.

Beginnings: Kidd Kraddick began his career as a "night" jock where he found success in cities like Miami, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and Tampa. He wound up in Dallas, Texas, where he made the transition to being a morning Radio personality. He has been in Dallas for over a decade, working at several stations.

Claim To Fame: His nickname, "Kidd", was given to him by the Program Director in Tampa.

Syndication: - Kraddick's morning Radio program is syndicated through Clear Channel.

Awards: WB Radio Music Award for America's Best Radio Personality, Radio and Records' Major Market Personality of The Year award, and Marconi Award for Radio Personality of the Year.

Online: Visit Kidd Kraddick online at www.kiddlive.com.

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