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A Profile of Radio Personalities Don Wade & Roma


Don Wade & Roma, WLS-AM Morning Radio Personalities

Don Wade & Roma, WLS-AM Morning Radio Personalities

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Don Wade

Background: Don was a Chicago radio personality for 27 years. WLS-TV's blog reports Wade spent a total of 55 years in radio doing various formats.

He came to Chicago in 1985 to do Middays at WLS-AM when that station was still doing an Adult/Contemporary format.

Wade succumbed to brain cancer on September 6, 2013 after a year-long battle. He was 72.

In 1986, Wade was paired up with his now wife, Roma. In 1989, when WLS-AM changed format to News/Talk, Don Wade and Roma were moved to the morning anchor position. They relinquished their show in December, 2012 to concentrate on Wade's waning health.


Background: Roma is a professional educator and has a Bachelor of Arts in English/Journalism/Education. She also holds an M.A. in English Literature and is working toward her Ph.D.

Radio Beginnings: Roma joined WLS-AM in 1986 where she was paired with Don Wade.

Odd Fact: Roma has also worked as a professional roofer, shrimp pot weaver for fishermen in Alaska and a general contractor.

Online: Visit Don Wade WLS-AM Memorial Page at WLS-AM.

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