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A Profile of the Radio Personality Big D & Bubba


Big D & Bubba syndicated morning radio personalities

Big D & Bubba

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Big D
Began in Radio at 14-years-old on WTAX-AM, a small Christian station in Cookeville, Tennessee. By 17 he was hosting a talk show. He moved to mornings at WKXD-FM in Cookeville and then to KIDX-FM in Billings, Montana.

After some succes, he and his wife (Kathy) moved to WXCT-FM in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he was teamed up with Bubba. Not long afterwards, they moved across town to WYNK-FM.

Awards: Selected "Best Morning Show in the State of Montana" by the Montana Broadcasters Association, and "Best New Morning Show" by The Heart Of Billings Magazine.

Bubba's first Radio job was as a DJ in Houma, Louisiana. From there, he worked in places like Guam and Tokyo, doing Top 40 Radio. Once back in the states he continued his Radio career in Saginaw, Detroit, El Paso, Reno, Miami, New Orleans and eventually settling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

He met his wife, Stacy, in Baton Rouge where he also "married up" with Big D.

Syndication: The "Big D and Bubba" program is distributed to a network of stations in the Clear Channel Radio chain.

Online: Big D & Bubba's Website

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