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A Profile of Radio Personalitities Bob and Mark


Bob and Mark, Anchorage Radio Personalities

Bob and Mark, Anchorage Radio Personalities

Photo: Bob and Mark Facebook Page
Personal: - Bob Lester and Mark Colavecchio

Radio: Bob and Mark have been broadcasting in Alaska for over 15 years. They are heard on KWHL 106.5/Anchorage. Their show airs from 5:35 am. until 10:00 a.m.

Earlier in 2010 Bob and Mark caused controversy when they created a "Cash for Clunkers" parody called "Cash for Tlingits". Tlinkgits are the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. The spoof resulted in protests, meetings, and the morning team meeting with concerned listeners to heighten their sensitivity.

Did You Know: Sarah Palin said "...any announcement [about a run for president] would be made on KWHL's the Bob and Mark Show, a drive time talk radio show hosted by a couple of shock jocks," writes blogs.wsj.com

Online: You can visit Bob and Mark's official website or the Bob and Mark Facebook page.

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