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Popular Books by Conservative Talk Radio Hosts

For Gift Giving or Your Own Enjoyment


Are you a fan of Conservative Talk Radio? If you're looking for a great book by your favorite radio host for yourself or as a gift, here are some of the most popular books with publisher descriptions and easy links to compare prices from various vendors using the PriceGrabber service.

1. "Rush Limbaugh An Army of One" by Zev Chafets

Rush Limbaugh - An Army of One by Zev Chafets
Photo: Sentinel

An insider's analysis of the controversial radio host draws on first-person interviews and talks with members of his personal and professional circles to offer insight into his controversial views and role as a symbol of American conservatism.

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2. "Trickle Up Poverty" by Michael Savage

Trickle Up Poverty by Michael Savage

In Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security, bestselling author and talk radio host, Michael Savage says a revolution is brewing. Americans are boiling mad over the way Congress and this Marxist/Leninist-oriented President are manipulating the current economic crisis, to nationalize businesses. Dr. Savage says, "No longer can we be Barack Obama's sheeple and let the American Dream be trampled, beaten, and burned to the ground."

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3. "Of Thee I Zing" by Laura Ingraham

Of Thee I Zing by Laura Ingraham
Screenshot: Pricegrabber

New non-fiction from #1 New York Times Bestseller and radio phenomenon Laura Ingraham.

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4. "The Obama Diaries" by Laura Ingraham

The Cover of Laura Ingraham's Book, The Obama Diaries
Graphic: Threshold Editions

Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham's newest book is available. According to a press release, in The Obama Diaries Ingraham "...has gotten her hands on an explosive national treasure; as she hilariously skewers President Obama and his minions."

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5. "Glenn Beck's Common Sense" by Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck's Common Sense

(The Case Against an Out-of-control Government, Inspired by Thomas Paine)

Conservative comedian and popular radio pundit Glenn Beck uses a contemporary analysis of COMMON SENSE, Thomas Paine's seminal pamphlet of patriotic principles, to try to inspire American citizens to reclaim control of their dysfunctional government.

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6. "Let Freedom Ring" by Sean Hannity

Let Freedom Ring by Sean Hannity

(Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism)

Radio host and broadcast journalist Hannity offers an assessment of the post-9/11 challenges facing America, and offers a call to arms to conservatives to overcome pervasive liberal ideas that he thinks threaten to undermine the job that has to be done.

7. "Power to the People" by Laura Ingraham

Power to the People by Laura Ingraham
In this 2007 best-seller Radio host and conservative pundit Laura Ingraham expounds on what she terms the "pornification" of our society, via TV, the Internet, and other media outlets. The author advocates taking control of mass media by being vocal and active about what gets aired on television, controlling what websites our children visit, and boycotting products that use sex to sell.
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8. "The Death of Right and Wrong" by Tammy Bruce

The Death of Right and Wrong by Tammy Bruce
(Exposing the Left's Assault on Our Culture and Values)

The former president of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW and conservative radio host Bruce espouses a somewhat more conservative view in this rant against the Left and what she sees as their steady mission of destruction of the American Way.

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9. "The Savage Nation" by Michael Savage

The Savage Nation by Michael Savage
(Saving America from the Liberal Assault on Our Borders, Language, and Culture)

Radio host and political gadfly Savage disperses his vitriol on Democrats and Republicans alike, offering his take on what's wrong with the U.S. His rants cover a wide swath, from the much publicized liberal bias in the media to the need for school prayer.

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10. "Morning Drive" - by Michael Smerconish

Morning Drive by Michael Smerconish
(Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Talking)

Michael Smerconish—attorney-turned-political-pundit, radio talk show host, columnist, author and all-around lightning rod of controversy and spirited discussion—is back!

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