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10 Odd Things You Probably Didn't Know About the History of Radio


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7. Marconi and Wireless Power: Wack Job or Prophet?
10 Radio Oddities

10 Radio Oddities

Graphic Credit: © Corey Deitz

As early as 1912, Guglielmo Marconi was predicting that one day radio waves would be able to transmit power, heat and lighting.

Two years later a published report said Marconi “…has succeeded in lighting an electric lamp by electricity through the agency of wireless at a distance of six miles. A bulb was attached to a receiver connected with an aerial receiving wire. The transmitter was linked up with a 100-horsepower apparatus, and as soon as the power was applied the lamp lighted and remained lighted so long as the power was kept on.”

Many doubted Marconi’s claim including famed electrical engineer and inventor, Nikola Tesla.*

Yet, on August 21, 2008, Intel demonstrated a wireless electric power system which according to AFP "...analysts say could revolutionize modern life by freeing devices from transformers and wall outlets."

(*For more, see: United States Early Radio History by Thomas H White)

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