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10 Odd Things You Probably Didn't Know About the History of Radio


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1. Radio Wasn't the Only Name Considered for Radio
10 Radio Oddities

10 Radio Oddities

Graphic Credit: © Corey Deitz

Radio wasn’t always referred to as “Radio”. Various terms were offered to describe “electromagnetic radiation” including: “…’electric waves’, ‘ether waves’, ‘spark telegraphy’, ‘space telegraphy’, ‘aerography’ and ‘wireless’”.

Even “atomgraphy” was suggested by G.C. Dietz in the November 30, 1901 edition of Electrical Review.* (Equally Odd: the About.com Radio Guide since 2002 has been Guide Corey Deitz - G.C. Deitz).

(*For more, see: United States Early Radio History by Thomas H White)

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