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Get Radio Copy, Recorded Sweepers, Airtime and More for Five Dollars

Everything is Five Bucks at fiverr.com



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The stock market will decimate your 401k, interest rates for Certificates of Deposit are abysmal, your dollar doesn't go very far at the supermarket, and that spare change in your pocket isn't even worth throwing into a jar.

But, a fiver, a Lincoln, a fin, a fiver. Now, that's a different story - especially at the website known as fiverr.com.

"I will write an excellent radio commercial for your business for $5," proclaims user great_talk. He continues: "I've been in the radio industry for 25 years and can write commercial radio copy quite well. Visit my website for more info and samples. If you need a radio commercial produced, click here and order."

Five bucks? Yes. Everything at fiverr costs five dollars. People offer services of all kinds in a myriad of categories but the price is always the same. But, how about the quality? Well, the feedback left at great_talk offer page looked pretty good when I viewed it: "Good Stuff and delivered on time," said one customer. "Excellent script," said another.

You'd be amazed how many radio-oriented services are being offered at any give time.

"I will broadcast your company real estate listings fsbos [for sale by owners] market your business live on my radio show for $5," hawks another listing from mariacaudle who has a program called Podcast Real Estate & Business Radio News.

jaredtemple offers: "I will read your radio advertisement on TimeStop Radio for $5." Apparently jaredtemple is the General Manager of TimeStop Radio, a 4G radio station in Syracuse, New York.

Maybe you already have a radio show or podcast of your own and you're looking for some production value. "I will voice 5 sweepers for your RADIO show or dj gig for $5," offers user known as commercialsplus. "Our male voice star will record 5 amazing sweepers/liners/top of the hour ID/etc. for your internet or other radio station or blog intro or dj gig, etc. Music/fx not included; dry voice only. We will give you multiple takes of your lines. " Sounds like a deal.

On fiverr, those offering tangible products often provide a link to a sample of their work so you're not completely in the dark about the quality you can expect.

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