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14 Radio Things That are Free

Free Software, Free MP3s, and More


14 Free Radio Things

14 Free Radio Things

Graphic: Corey Deitz
What could be better than free? It's hard to argue with getting something for nothing. Over the years, I've featured a lot of tips on free stuff related to radio. That's why I decided to put together a concise and definitive list of radio freebies for readers. Most of these freebies were blogged or written about at one time in the past at this website. A few others were added to the list after doing a little research for this article.

1. Free Online Tutorials and Radio Courses Via Email - I actually created these courses a while back. Each course consists of related articles that instruct you on how to do various things such as create your own Internet radio station, create your own radio show, edit audio like a pro, and create your own podcast. The course installments are automatically emailed to you after you sign up.

2. Free Teleprompter Software - "TeleKast" is free Windows-compatible software which turns your computer into a teleprompter. It's useful for podcasters, audio recording, etc. Using a teleprompter is sometimes a lot easier than working with small font on a script.

3. Free Open Radio Automation Software - Airtime 2.1 is free, open source software created for the purpose of automate radio. It runs on GNU/Linux platforms and features real-time show editing and live stream rebroadcasting.

4. Public Radio Player - this is a free iPhone app that lets your stream audio from over 500 public radio stations.

5. Free Radio-Themed Christmas Gift Tags - I created these a few years ago. You can download the graphics and print them off. Then, simply cut to size and use on gifts. If you plan on giving gifts to a radio fan, these are perfect.

6. Wavosaur Recording Software - this is a free audio editor with a lot of features but an easy learning curve. Edits WAV and MP3 files and is Windows-compatible. A good tool for podcasters.

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