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Free Online Tutorials and Radio Courses Via Email

Whether you're looking to break into Radio as a DJ or interested in starting up your own Internet Radio station, or learning how to podcast, here are courses and tutorials available to you that will help you get started. And the best part: they're free, not terribly lengthy and you can do the reading at your own pace.

How To Create Your Own Internet Radio Station
So, you've been thinking about starting up your own Internet Radio station but you still have questions about costs, procedures, legalities, attracting listeners, and even what kind of station you might want to run. This free 4-day course you will receive a 2-part lesson each day consisting of two articles to read on a particular aspect of creating your own Internet Radio station.

How to Create Your Own Radio Show
Have you been itching to jump into personal broadcasting? Thinking about creating your own Radio show? How do you start? Should I stream it or Podcast? How do I record a show? What are formatics and are they important? How do I get guests? This free course via email will answer these and other question over a six-installment, six-day period. Sign up now!

Working In Radio
No doubt you've thought at one time or another it would be fun to work in Radio. Well, you're right! If you want a real look at the "whats", "hows", "ins", and "outs" of being a DJ or other Radio employee, sign up for "Working In Radio" This course is comprised of 11 daily lessons.

Learn To Edit Audio Like A Radio Pro
If you are looking to better your audio editing skills, in a few days you can! This is a free 4-day online editing course that will teach you how to edit like a Radio professional. It includes links to all the downloads you will need including a free audio editor and audio files to work with.

How to Create Your Own Podcast - A Step-by-Step Tutorial
Podcasting. You've heard about it and now you want to do it your self. Finally: you can have your own talk show or radio program of any sort and distribute it to the world. It's not very hard and this 5-step tutorial will show you exactly how to do it.

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