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The Founding Fathers of Radio

The invention and development of Radio did not just happen by chance. Several brilliant men contributed to it's creation and development - and along the way were awful battles for patents, recognition and profit. See who these men were: Lee deForest, Edwin Armstrong, David Sarnoff, Guglielmo Marconi, Nikola Tesla, and Reginald Fessenden

The State of Radio, Reprised: Another Conversation With Marconi and Armstrong
On February 18, 2005 I published a satirical and fictitious interview with two of Radio’s most prominent but dead founding fathers on the current state of the medium. Guglielmo Marconi invented the radiotelegraph and Edwin H. Armstrong invented FM. I felt it was time to again revisit with these two deceased inventors to hear their thoughts on the current state of Radio.

The State of Radio: A Conversation With Guglielmo Marconi and Edwin H. Armstrong
A fictitious interview conducted by Radio Guide, Corey Deitz, with two of Radio’s most prominent but dead founding fathers about the current state of Radio. (Satire/Humor)

Guglielmo Marconi – Biography
This excellent biography was contributed by the Nobel Foundation. Also see the speech given in 1909 on his being awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Guglielmo Marconi - The U.S. Marconi Museum
The U.S. Marconi Museum offers biographical background on the man who "produced and detected radio waves over long distances". He helped lay the foundation for Radio as we know it.

The Marconi Collection
"...the Collection...concentrates on the first 50 years of wireless from 1896 to 1946. It covers an important cross section of early equipment and experiments and contains a large collection of documents, around 700 photographs and 500 pieces of ephemera."

Dr. Lee DeForest - Radio Hall of Fame
Dr. Lee DeForest's page at the Radio Hall of Fame.

People and Discoveries: Lee de Forest
From PBS, here is a profile of Lee de Forest.

Lee De Forest, Wikipedia encylopedia
Lee De Forest From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Edwin H. Armstrong: The creator of FM radio
Another excellent profile of Edwin H. Armstrong, one of Radio's eminent inventors.

Edwin H. Armstrong - Background
Edwin H. Armstrong - considered by some the as Radio's "premier" inventor. His early work included the Superheterodyne Circuit and later he invented FM, Frequency Modulation - removing the static from Radio reception.

Edwin H. Armstrong
Biography of Edwin H. Armstrong

David Sarnoff - Father of Broadcasting - The TIME 100
Excellent journalism by TIME magazine about David Sarnoff, the man who piloted RCA to recognition as one of Radio's leaders. There is also a chronology of his achievement here.

David Sarnoff - U.S. Media Executive
From the Museum of TV, an excellent profile/biography of David Sarnoff.

Tesla, Master of Lightning
Nikola Tesla, invetor of Tesla coils, which could transmit and receive powerful radio signals

Reginald Fessenden at the Hammond Museum of Radio
Reginald Fessenden - "The Father of Radio Broadcasting"

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