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Danny Bonaduce Hired for Mornings at 102.5 KZOK Seattle

Gig Starts November 14


Danny Bonaduce, at Key Club in Los Angeles, California in May 2007.

Danny Bonaduce, at Key Club in Los Angeles, California in May 2007.

Photo: Anthony Citrano, Creative Commons
I've liked Danny Bonaduce ever since he did a favor for me some years ago (which he probably doesn't remember). Back in 1993 I was working at WRVQ-FM in Richmond, Virginia doing the morning show and Bonaduce had recently been hired to work mornings at WEGX-FM/Philadelphia. One morning, David Cassidy was scheduled to be on our show but canceled at the last minute. (Of course, Cassidy and Bonaduce were both famous from "The Partridge Family" TV show.)

Well, we were not only blindsided by the no-show, but pretty miffed, too. Someone suggested we try and reach Danny Bonaduce in Philly to fill in for Cassidy. Knowing nothing about the kind of person he was or whether he would even see the humor in going to him for "seconds", it turned out Bonaduce was funny, gracious, accommodating, and made us look great. It was a very amusing interview and it saved that segment of the show. That's a radio brother.

Years later, I still appreciate what a terribly healthy mindset he must have had about his child-acting years and current position in life. Unlike other child actors who seem to be in perpetual escape from their early work as children, Bonaduce has never disavowed his time as "Danny Partridge" on "The Partridge Family". He has wisely kept it in his résumé and seems comfortable discussing the experience even today.

From Out in Front of the Camera to Behind the Mike

After Bonaduce's stint on "The Partridge Family" from 1970 - 1974, the acting roles he was able to acquire weren't exactly stellar and in the 1980s, he began to make a transition into becoming a radio personality. Radio and Bonaduce seemed to be two kindred spirits. He found quite a bit of success and worked various stations including: WEGX-FM/Philadelphia, KKFR-FM/Phoenix, WLUP-FM/Chicago, WKQI-FM/Detroit, and WTJM-FM/New York, and WYSR-FM/Los Angeles.

As of early 2006, Bonaduce was doing an early afternoon show on SIRIUS Satellite Radio's "Howard 100" channel. During 2007 Bonaduce was featured on the Adam Carolla Show. By January, 2008 he was doing his own afternoon show on 97.1 FREE FM/Los Angeles. Then, in early November, 2008 it was announced Bonaduce would do mornings on WYSP/Philadelphia.

Whatever Doesn't Kill You - Gives You a Police Record

But, there have been a couple bumps in the road. In March, 1990 Bonaduce was arrested trying to buy cocaine in Daytona Beach while ironically there to host an event for D.A.R.E., an anti-drug program for children. And then, in March 1991 Bonaduce was arrested and charged with robbing and beating a transvestite prostitute in his car. If anything, the incidents only made Bonaduce more notorious and hirable in a business that values someone who can keep themselves in the news and still show up for their shift.

The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen Are in Seattle

But, this week it was announced that Danny Bonaduce will be the new morning host on Seattle's 102.5 KZOK beginning Monday, November 14. His show will be heard from 5:45 to 9:00 a.m. Joining Bonaduce will be News Director Sarah, who has coupled on-air with Bonaduce for the past two years.

"Seattle is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. The first time I visited, I thought someone put a major metropolitan city in the middle of Yosemite National Park. I can’t believe I get to live and work here," said Bonaduce in a prepared statement. "I met my wife at Starbuck’s and can’t wait to visit the very first store. It’s like the holy grail."

KZOK Program Director, Carey Curelop, says he's "excited" about Bonaduce coming on board and that "...the next leg of Danny Bonaduce’s very interesting journey through life is taking him to Seattle."

Curelop says Danny’s experiences as a public figure from a very young age means he has a perspective on life unlike anyone else.

CBS RADIO Seattle Sr. Vice President and Market Manager Kevin McCarthy summed it up by saying, "There are some talented folks doing morning shows here in Seattle. That said, none of them do anything in the way that Danny does. In radio, unique wins and unique is precisely what Danny is."

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