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A Profile of Radio Personality Chris Evans


Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Evans joined Virgin Radio in 1993 when he was hired on a 13-week contract as a presenter (British terminology for DJ). Six weeks into the deal, he left to concentrate on a TV program he hosted.

In 1995, Evans joined BBC Radio 1 to present their "breakfast" show. Evans is thought to be mainly responsible for a radio style called "group" shows where the on-air pesonality is accompanied by friends or "mates".

Evans left his gig at Radio 1 in January, 1997. About 8 months later, September of that same year, he hooked back up with Virgin Radio. His production company, Ginger Radio, was contracted to do the morning program which became quite successful.

December, 1997, Evans purchased Virgin Radio from Sir Richard Branson for 83 million British Pounds. The deal also required Evans to remain the breakfast host on a long-term basis.

In 2000, Evans sold Virgin Radio - and Ginger Radio - to SMG for 225 million British Pounds. By 2001, there was quite a bit of tension between Evans and the current management at Virgin Radio.

May, 2001, Evans married British pop-star, Billie Piper, 18, in Las Vegas. They met 12 months earlier.

May, 2001, Evans was banned from driving for 56 days and fined 600 British Pounds after driving his Ferrari over 100mph on the A3.

Evans filed suit against SMG for 8.6 million British Pounds he claimed he was owed due to the sale of the station. SMG countersued.

On June 26, 2003, Evans lost his case and the High Court judge labeled him a liar and a prima donna.

As of July, 2005, Chris Evans is doing a weekly show on BBC Radio 2.

Evans takes over for Terry Wogan's morning show at the end of 2009.

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