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Software For Mobile DJs

Whether you are an on-air DJ looking to make extra money on the side, a full-time mobile DJ, or someone considering becoming one, here are some great software tools essential to making the mix sound right!

"Use Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and wave files in your live DJ mix. Pitch the sound... or use Beat track and automatic tempo sync for mixing. Waveform displays makes visual sync possible, and FishEye view mode gives you a tight startup."

"MegaSeg is...[a] mobile DJ and radio station automation solution for Professional MP3 and QuickTime mixing and programming." Mac compatible.

DJ mixing software also useful for automated Radio stations. "...automated mixing, coupled with dynamics processing." Features scratching, live input, ability to record mixes, and much more.

djDecks "is a computer mixing program for anyone to mix mp3, wav and ogg files live on a pc, similar to mixing with turntables, mixers and cd-players." Many features and a free trial available.

Traktor DJ Studio
DJ mixing software that includes, "graphic waveform displays, tempo recognition and automatic synchronization, up to 10 cue points and 10 tempo-precise loops per track, and a track database with ultra fast search function."

"AtomixMP3 is the sharpest MP3 DJ mix software ever, providing one-click BPM beat matching, beat-aware loop engine, live recording, optional dual soundcard output and master tempo functionality."

Virtual Turntables
"VTT prides itself in being easy to learn and use, modelling its primary interface after a typical Mixer board and Panasonic CD Mixer, complete with jog wheel."

Virtual DJ Studio
No two-deck metaphor for this software. Virtual DJ Studio presents a recording studio interface with plenty of features for professional mixing.

BPM Studio Pro
This is an .mp3 based DJ system. There are actually several different versions to match different needs. In September, 2002 the U.K. based "DJ Mag" awarded it "Best Virtual DJ Studio Software".

This is a free mixer that is skinnable. It contains all the usual controls plus some newer features: headphone cueing, shortcut keys for faster access and more.

CD Scratch
Free "Virtual Turntables" CD Player. "Play two songs from the same CD at the same time - one forwards and one in reverse! Scratch a CD track back and forth like a record, or listen to your favorite CD automatically mixed between the turntables."

Automated .mp3 mixing software. Provides an automatic DJ mix like a Club DJ would create. Shareware.

Mixmesiter Pro
The publisher says, "With all the capabilities of MixMeister 3 and 4, Pro 5 adds support for simultaneous performing & previewing, automatic key detection, video mixing, loops, plug-in effects, intelligent file handling, webcasting updates, and much more."

Virtual DJ
From the developer: "This system integrates CD ripping and music database administration with virtual mixing tables, effect processors, graphics equalizers and many more features through a friendly user interface. It allows mixing several MP3 files automatically synchronized on the BPM, and applying incredible effects such as pitch and tempo change and 3D positional audio."

Visual Discomix DJ Basic
Especially designed for mobile DJs who want to use a laptop at their gigs. Includes the features often sought by mobile DJs combined with a dazzling Graphic User Interface.

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