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The Michael Jackson Trial: Will Radio Be Afraid To Still Play His Hits?




A Short History of Crime and Banned Music

1956: ABC Radio chooses not to play “Love For Sale” by Billie Holiday because the lyrics were about prostitution.

1959: WCBS-AM, New York banned “Mack The Knife” by Bobby Darin after the local stabbing deaths of two teenagers.

1968: Chicago Mayor Daley ordered local radio stations not to play “Street Fighting Man” while the Democratic National Convention was in town in anticipation of riots.

1969: A Newark, New Jersey vice squad shuts down a retailer who was selling John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Two Virgins” album which featured the couple on the cover nude.

1989: Radio stations ban songs by Cat Stevens after he endorses an Iranian Fatwa (death threat) against writer Salman Rushdie.

2001: Clear Channel Radio allegedly compiles a list of songs that might be considered in "bad taste" - if played - following the awful events of 9/11. See the list here.

2003: BBC Radio 1 bans Michael Jackson’s single, “One More Chance”, after allegations surface again about child molestation

(For a complete list of banned music, see The History Of Banned Rock and Roll

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