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Radio is no stranger to crime. It is perpetrated on radio employees and sometimes, perpetrated by them. This archive houses stories on that subject.

Radio Hit Maker Phil Spector Gets Movie Treatment on HBO
On a fateful night in February, 2003 legendary record producer and radio hit maker, Phil Spector, went from a mysterious music genius to a murder suspect. During years of legal maneuvering and two trials, he ultimately was convicted of second-degree murder. Tonight, (3/24/13) HBO premières "Phil Spector" starring Al Pacino and Helen Mirren....

Radio Stations: Easy Targets of Aggression and Violence
Over the weekend I read that my local NPR station, KUAR-FM (University of Arkansas), had an expensive transmitter fire but was back on the air using standby equipment. Unfortunately, the report also said the fire appeared to be suspicious in nature. Aggression and violence against radio stations is not a new thing. Read more.

Former Payola Crusader Governor Eliot Spitzer Involved in Prostitution Scandal
New York Governor Eliot Spitzer - a crusader against payola in the radio and recording industries – is embroiled in a scandal involving a prostitution scandal. Today, he held a news conference to apologize to his family and the public. Read more.

New York Attorney General and Warner Music Group Reach Radio Payola Settlement
New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer today announced the second settlement in the music industry’s "pay-for-play" arrangement with the Radio industry.

Missouri RadioTalk Show Host Arrested For Poisoning Wife
James Keown, a talk show host from KLIK, Jefferson City, Missouri, has been arrested in the of his wife, Julie. Read more.

Duh: Thief Who Called Radio Show With Heist Details - Jailed!
It's true. You just have to wonder what was this guy thinking? Cockey? Yep. Jailed? Yep. More Details.

You Mean Music Companies Pay To Get Songs On The Radio?
The Attorney General of New York got the ball rolling and now the Federal Communications Commission is going to launch a probe into recent admissions of "Payola" practices between music companies and Radio - like THIS has never happened before! Read all the sordid details....

New York Radio Station WQHT (Hot 97) Pays Fine For "Smackfest" Promotions
Attorney General Eliot Spitzer strikes again: New York City radio station WQHT (Hot 97) will pay the maximum fine of $240,000 for its illegal "Smackfest" promotions and fund an extensive anti-violence campaign, including a $60,000 payment to one of the city’s leading anti-violence organizations. And there's more...

F.C.C. Targets Radio Stations and Music Companies in Payola Probe
On the heels of a recent "pay-for-play" settlement between SONY BMG and New York State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer, The Federal Communications Commission has now opened a probe into alleged payola practices between radio stations and music companies. Full Details.

Payola Admission: Gifts and Bribes Made to Radio Stations and Staff by Sony BMG
New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer today announced an agreement to halt pervasive "pay-for-play" in the music industry. Under the agreement, SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT has agreed to stop making payments and providing expensive gifts to radio stations and their employees in return for "airplay" for the company's songs. Full Details.

Philllipine Talk Show Host Gunned Down by Men on Motorcycles
Radio talk show host Rolando "Dodong" Morales, from station DXMD, was killed by eight gunmen on motorcycles shortly after he finished presenting his program "The Voice of Barangay". Full Story

What is Radio Payola?
What is Payola? What Are the Legal Rules For Radio About Taking Money in Return for Promoting or Advertising a Person, Place or Thing?

Florida Man Jailed For Stalking Long Island Radio Personality
A Patchogue, New York, radio personality is breathing a little easier today after a man whose been stalking her since 1993 finally went over the line and wound up in jail. Read more.

Protestant Bishop Loses It: Yanks Plug on Neighbor's Radio
To forgive is divine - but even a church Bishop has her limits. Read what happens when one Swedish Bishop has her fill of a loud radio. Full Story.

"Fat Kid" From Morning Show at Radio Station 99X Gets Arrested Over Porn Stunt
A character known as "Fat Kid" from the morning show at 99X in Atlanta, was arrested this past Wednesday for a stunt which went slightly awry when the victims called the cops. Details...

Michael Jackson Appears on Radio with Reverend Jesse Jackson About Child ...
On Sunday, March 27, 2005 Michael Jackson appeared on the Reverend Jesse Jackson's radio show, broadcast on WGRB-AM 1390, Chicago. Listen to some portions of Jackson's comments.

London Radio Station Heart FM Pulls Michael Jackson Music From Daytime Playlist
Gigwise.com reports London radio station, Heart FM, has pulled songs from Michael Jackson from its daytime playlist. Full story.

The Michael Jackson Trial: Will Radio Be Afraid To Still Play His Hits?
Now that the jury selection phase of the much anticipated Michael Jackson child molestation trial is underway, Radio programmers are faced with the task of deciding whether or not listeners will still want to hear his music or not. Read more Plus: "A Short History of Crime and Banned Music"

Texas Man Makes Bomb Threat After Radio Station Ignores Song Request
A Texas man who made a bomb threat after a radio station failed to play his song request has been charged with a felony. Read more.

Ohio Radio DJ Arrested For Stalking Woman
Morning DJ, James Steven Reinhardt, 50, has been arrested for stalking a woman. Allegedly he was leaving "obscene" material in the woman's car. Read more.

PLEASE: Leave Naked Listeners to the Professional Radio DJs!
Richard Brown is not sitting in jail because he tried to scam people into thinking he was a DJ and that they could win a car or $50,000 if they came to his home. Once they got there, he asked them to take off their clothes. I'm outraged! Asking people to take off their clothes should be left to professional DJs!! Read more.

Wife Says Husband Tried To Electrocute Her With Radio
A Texas woman says her husband tried to kill her with the bathroom radio. William Wolfe was arrested by police and charged with attemped murder. Details.

Serial Killers: The Radio Connection
Radio shows, DJs and Radio itself are no strangers to the crime of serial killers and murder. There are some chilling true stories and some fictional thrillers as well.

Quebec City Radio Host Convicted: Sex With A Minor
Robert Gillet, a well-known Quebec City radio personality, has been convicted of having sex with a minor after a sensational trial in Montreal. More Details

Indianapolis DJ Will Plead Guilty To Sexual Battery
Adam Ritz, a popular Indianapolis DJ on X-103 - Indy's New Rock Alternative - will plead guilty to a sexual battery charge. He could get up to 3 years in prison. Read more

Radio Legend Phil Spector Arrested For Murder
Famous songwriter/producer/hitmaker, Phil Spector, has been arrested for suspicion of murder. Here are more details, some facts about his career plus some links to hear his music.

Rochester Radio's 'Unkle Rog' Shot To Death
Roger McCall, known as "Unkel Rog", A long-time DJ on WCMF-FM in Rochester, New York was killed Friday night by a shotgun blast. Read more.

Man Who Murdered San Diego Radio Personality Jack Merker Sentenced To
The man who murdered former San Diego Radio personality, Jack Merker, has been sentenced to 15 years to life. More on the crime and Merker's career.

Former Denver Radio Traffic Reporter Goes To Prison For Child Porn
A former Denver Radio traffic reporter is going to prison for 8 years after being convicted of receiving child porn through the mail. Read More.

XM Satellite Radio To Debut "Mob Hits" On Anniversary Of St. Valentine
XM Satellite Radio is set to debut "Mob Hits", a gangland story of rival mobs battling over the music business in the 1950s. The production was written, produced, and performed by XM Radio talent. Read more

Philly Cops Nab Man Posing As DJ Who Lured Teenager
Philadelphia police and U.S. Marshals have arrested a man on charges including kidnapping and indecent assault. He's alleged to have intercepted phone calls to a popular Radio station and posed as one of its deejays for the purposes of luring a teenager girl to his home. Read more

Scranton Radio Station Owner Arrested On Child Molestation Charges
Doug Lane, owner of WWDL, has been arrested on charges that he molested a teenage boy over a 4 year period. Full Story.

Denver Radio Guy Nabbed in Child Porn Arrest
A Denver Radio personality was busted for allegedly soliciting child pornography from and undercover postal worker who was posing as a 14-year-old girl. It's Radio people like this that give the rest of us weirdos a bad name!

Cleveland Radio Sportcaster Busted For DUI
Chuck Galeti, a Cleveland, Ohio Radio sports-talk host has been arrested for Driving Under the Influence of marijuana. There are 7 charges in all. Read more.

St. Louis Radio Personality Murdered
St. Louis Radio personality Nan Wyatt was found dead earlier this week. Police say she was murdered.

Cleveland Radio's John Lanigan Arrest For Drunken Driving
Long-time Cleveland Radio personality, John Lanigan has been arrested for drunk driving after refusing to take a breathalyzer test following a minor auto accident. Read more.

A Talk Show Host, A Strip Club, A Motorcycle, Some Booze, An Arrest
A Wausau, Wisconsin talk show host made some really bad decisions the other day which put him in the hospital and could have killed others. Read more.

Memphis DJ Murdered In Random Act Of Violence
A Memphis DJ from Q107.5 FM was attacked and strangled this past Saturday night in her apartment. Station employees and listeners are shocked at the crime. Details

Popular Indianapolis Radio DJ Charged Charged With Rape
A popular Indianapolis Radio personality has been arrested and charged with rape. Robert Adam Ritz, from WRZX-FM (X103) declined to answer questions. Read more.

Cleveland Radio Sportscaster Going To Jail For DUI
Chuck Galeti, a Cleveland, Ohio Radio sportscaster has been convicted of DUI for a third time - which means a mandatory jail sentence. Read more.

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