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What You Need to Make Your Own Podcast


So, you're thinking about creating your own podcast. Maybe you have a business and want to promote a product or you have a hobby and want to share your knowledge with the world. Maybe you're the next great talk show host - only no one knows it yet. Where do you start when you want to start? Right here - with this list of clearly laid out topics to answer your questions how why and how to start your own podcast and what to do with it after you're up and running.
  1. A Podcast is Not Internet Radio
  2. Why Podcast?
  3. What Do I Need?
  4. Easy Podcasting
  1. Helpful Software and More
  2. Legal Stuff
  3. How to Market Your Podcast
  4. Podcasting Success Stories

A Podcast is Not Internet Radio

Dave and Geri, radio personalities and podcasters

A podcast is a simpler way to put your audio up on the Internet for the world to hear. I'm often asked by visitors to this site how to start an Internet radio station. But, usually they are over-thinking the solution needed to meet their objective. Offering audio on the Internet just keeps getting easier - and podcasts are so much easier than starting an Internet radio station. All the links below lead to articles and information that has been created to help you understand podcasting and make decisions about creating your own.

  1. Stepping Stone to Internet Radio
  2. Podcast or Stream?
  3. Different Methods of Audio

Why Podcast?

Create Your Own Podcast

There are a lot of great reasons to create a podcast from just having fun to making a profit. I'll give you some things to think about.

  1. Podcast It - They Will Come
  2. 8 Reasons to Podcast

What Do I Need?

Blue Microphone's Snowball USB Microphone

Whether you plan to use a third-party to distribute your podcast or your own website, you will still need some basic tools to create each your audio. You can start out small and inexpensive or invest big bucks in a sweet rig. Ultimately, it depends on what level of audio quality you are willing to live with.

  1. Hardware and More
  2. USB Microphone Suggestions
  3. A Microphone for iPhone
  4. Recording and Mixing Software
  1. Analog vs. Digital Mixer
  2. Analog Audio Mixers
  3. Smart Phone Podcasting

Easy Podcasting

Create Your Own Podcast

Most people want results and you don't care how the sausage is made, so to speak. There's nothing wrong with that. When podcasting first began, the early adopters were required to learn some coding in order to distribute their podcasts. Well, that changed rather quickly. Now, you can do the fun, creative part and leave the rest to someone else.

  1. Easily Create Podcasts with Spreaker
  2. Podcasting with Your Smart Phone
  3. Basic Formatics
  4. The 10 Podcast Commandments
  5. 10 More Podcasting Tips

Helpful Software and More

Audacity Recorder

The basics are good but often after mastering them, we look to accentuate and accessorize our projects. Podcasting is no different. Here are some tools and ideas to make it better and more fun.

  1. WildVoice Studio
  2. Audacity Software
  3. Audacity Video Tutorial
  4. PodProducer Software
  5. Teleprompter Software

Legal Stuff

Create Your Own Podcast

The two biggest legal aspects that needs to be understood and respected by podcasters are music royalties and the use of copyrighted music and other material. Before you start putting together your podcast, familiarize yourself with your rights and how to respect the rights of others.

  1. Royalties
  2. Intellectual Property

How to Market Your Podcast

If you build it, they will come. Well, sort of. If you want more people than just your immediate family hearing your podcasts then consider promoting it in traditional and non-traditional ways. Marketing your podcast can pay off in more listeners and even more opportunities for you.

  1. Promote Your Podcast
  2. Write Press Releases
  3. Press Release Format
  4. Expand Your Platform

Podcasting Success Stories

J.B. Glossinger, Self-Help Podcaster

Podcasting started as a quirky new way to distribute audio throughout the Internet. After an initial love affair with the public it settled into a methodology which could inexpensively allow anyone to share their information - whatever that might be. Now, hobbyists, current and former radio professionals, and people from all walks of life podcast. Some of been very successfull - even to their own surprise!

  1. The Accidental Podcaster
  2. Dave and Geri: When Radio Turned its Back on Them - They Turned Up the Heat
  3. Radio Pros Continue to Turn to Podcasting
  4. Can You Make a Living Podcasting?

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