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How to Create Your Own Podcast - A Step-by-Step Tutorial


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Podcasting Pros - Radio Professionals Who Have Turned to Podcasting
Create Your Own Podcast

Create Your Own Podcast

Graphic: Corey Deitz
People who work in traditional Radio and people who would like to be in Radio all wonder if Internet Radio and Podcasting can be a viable vehicle for careers. I think the answer to this question is slowly evolving into "yes, it can".

The Radio business has undergone a myriad of changes in the last 15 years which have stripped the industry of many jobs formerly available. Great talents have suddenly found themselves without a radio home after many successful years. A lot of these pros are not willing to just accept that just because they aren't on the radio they don't have a public voice. Podcasting has given them an affordable way to continue to stay in touch with fans and listeners.

Mike O'Meara lost his on-air gig at 106.7 because of a format change. But, O'Meara decided to have a go at Podcasting a show and apparently he is parlaying his 25 years in the Washington, D.C. market into a viable online offering.

Listen Online: The Mike O'Meara Show

After a 20-year run on Radio in West Michigan, Dave and Geri (Dave Jagger and Geri Jarvis) suddenly found themselves off-the-air. Blame the recession, blame budgets, blame Radio's short-sightedness. Well, there's an old saying: "Don't get mad. Get even" and that's just what they're doing with Podcasting. Read all about Dave and Geri Podasting project.

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