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10 Podcasting Tips from Radio Personalities Dave and Geri

Applying Radio Knowledge to Podcasting


Dave and Geri, radio personalities and podcasters

Dave and Geri, Radio Personalities and Podcasters

Dave Jagger
Dave and Geri were on traditional radio in West Michigan for 20 years. Then, suddenly, they were unemployed. They turned to Podcasting and are sucessfully leveraging their Podcast to keep their former audience and earn money. Here's their best advice from a larger article entitled: Dave and Geri: When Radio Turned its Back on Them - They Turned Up the Heat

Tip #1: Use Recording Software You're Comfortable With - "We use GarageBand to record each show on a (now aging) Dual G5 Mac. (Read More)

Tip #2: Garbage In, Garbage Out - Control Your Audio - Dave uses an 8-channel Alesis MultiMix USB 2.0 Digital Mixer. "I picked up for just under $300 online..." (Read More)

Tip #3: Personalize Your Home Studio for Your Needs and Budget. Dave and Geri use 2 HEIL PR-30 Microphones, a SKYPE-IN Phone Line, and a JK Audio Inline Patch Telephone Audio Interface for Dial-Out. "Yes, we've spent a few dollars for our home studio, but you don't HAVE too. A decent sounding USB mic can work just as well straight in to whatever computer and software you use." (Read More)

Tip #4: Adjust Your Audio's Quality - "I mix it down to an 160 kbps mono mp3 file, and sweeten it a bit with a program for the Mac called Sound Studio. Then I down sample it to 64 kbps mono mp3 and it's ready to go." (Read More)

Tip #5: Think Big and Don't Undersell What You're Doing - "After the first couple of weeks, we really thought we'd only have a handful of folks listening and downloading. Boy, were we gratified to find out we were wrong! After only 5 weeks of Monday through Friday content we are closing in on what used to be our old quarter hour numbers on the radio." (Read More)

Tip #6: Have a Business Plan - "You would be crazy to even think about starting a business without a business plan. The great thing is....we didn't have to borrow any money to start....and that's always good." (Read More)

Tip #7: Keep in mind THIS IS NOT RADIO - "It's even MORE intimate than radio because your listeners can start, stop and re-listen whenever they please. They have decided to take you along wherever and whenever they want to. That's important to remember and something that should not be taken lightly. But the most important thing to remember is this: LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL." (Read More)

Tip #8: Don't Let Podcasting Change Who You Are - "With all due respect to Adam Corolla, don't use it as a forum to swear and 'go blue' unless that's what you're known for. After all, the object is to build that audience because they know what to expect from YOU." (Read More)

Tip #9: Get a notebook - "Every time you meet a business VIP, advertising VP, someone who owns their own business...write down the name, business and phone number. When you're on the street, you'll thank us for this. Decide what your business model is and if those clients can help you." (Read More)

Tip #10: You're on Your Own Finding Sponsors - "Too many people think they can call the station they used to work for and ask the sales rep for a contact. How can I put this? You're competing for dollars, and they are not going to be helpful. Put on your big boy or big girl pants and go to the show. You don't need them." (Read More)

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