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Podcasting and Broadcasting with Your Smart Phone

There's an Audio Studio in Your Cell Phone


AudioBoo iPhone Audio Recording Application

AudioBoo iPhone Audio Recording Application

Screenshot: created by roland, distributed on flickr through creative commons

People who love their iPhones are fairly convinced they can do anything with them. And, to a degree they are correct - provided they are willing to work with specialized apps and within a small work area.

That's the idea behind iPodcaStudio. The is a sound recording app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can record and edit audio then send it via WiFi, email, or by a built-in FTP ability.

The app's website says "Use our app to record notes, or long-form audio podcasts."

But, what your final product will be limited to voice only.

"Audioboo works on iPhone, Android and Nokia devices, and you can also record via the web," according to audioboo.fm. There's a 5 minute limit on recordings. Once recorded, upload it to your audioboo account. Audio boo is less of a podcast and more of a social networking audio toy.

ipadio lets you broadcast from any phone to the Internet live. "ipadio combines the telephone with the blog to create an audio 'phonecast' which is streamed Live to the Internet. You can phonecast from any phone, anywhere in the world - no need for a computer or even access to the Internet," says the ipadio website.

VR + Lite claims to: "Turn your BlackBerry into a dictaphone! Besides a convenient Voice Recorder you get a Voice Messenger and a Voice Sharing tool for Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger in one app...[and]...You can make your own podcasts," says blackberryrocks.com. (Note: the user reviews for this app are really mixed.)

One Pro's iPhone Rig

The smart phone is also changing the way some radio professionals do their job. I recently read a story about Neal Augenstein, a reporter for WTOP-FM radio in Washington, D.C. Augenstein says he uses his iPhone 4 and several apps to create, "...intricate audio and video reports, broadcast live, take and edit photos, write web content and distribute it through social media from a single device."

Augenstein grabs audio with the iPhone's built-in microphone and says he's satisfied with the sound quality. He edits it with VC Audio Pro, an editing app by VeriCorder Technology, available for $5.99

As a final note, there is one way to use any phone -smart or dumb - to create a podcast which requires no additional apps, and requires almost no learning curve: BlogTalkRadio. This website allows you set up an account and then literally call in your audio. You can even do live shows! There is a free plan and an ascending scale of more expensive but heartier options. http://www.blogtalkradio

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