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How to Easily Create Your Own Podcast With No Technical Knowledge

Quick Ways to Share Your Audio


Spreaker DJ Console for Creating Podcasts and Radio Shows

Spreaker DJ Console for Creating Podcasts and Radio Shows

Screenshot: Spreaker.com
You want to create a Podcast but you're afraid it might be too complicated. Fear not for it is simpler than you think!

Here are suggestions for keeping the process real simple:


blogtalkradio is a Podcast and social networking site that offers a very easy way to create on-demand audio. Anyone can quickly Podcast by simply using their phone. The site claims to have over 1000 live broadcasts per day. Once you create a show, it is archived and can be heard at any time. Just sign up, create your show and start recording. Then, tell everyone about it. Visit blogtalkradio.com.


Spreaker.com is not the first website devoted to helping people create their own radio shows and podcasts. But, it does provide some new tools for helping you share your audio on social networks. Plus with Spreaker you can even broadcast live and it's free. Read More.

WildVoice Shout

WildVoice Shout is a web-based recorder where users simply click and record. This online application allows anyone with a PC, a microphone, and an Internet connect the ability to create their own Podcast directly from the WildVoice website. Read More About WildVoice Shout.

Podcast Assistant

Podcast Assistant is an application designed for iTunes Podcasts. It writes the difficult part of your Podcast, the XML code. All you have to do is type in your information and the software does the rest. There is a MAC and Windows version and it's free. To download, visit 10101 Software.

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