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Easily Create Radio Shows, Podcasts or Broadcast Live with Spreaker

Easy Online Application with Small Learning Curve


Spreaker DJ Console for Creating Podcasts and Radio Shows

Spreaker DJ Console for Creating Podcasts and Radio Shows

Screenshot: Spreaker.com
Spreaker.com is not the first website devoted to helping people create their own radio shows. But, it does provide some new tools for helping you create one and share it.

Spreaker lets you create any kind of radio show with the help of a "DJ console" which, according to the website, "allows real-time mixing of voice, music and sound effects." This software allows you to switch back-and-forth to live broadcasting or podcast recording. There are controls for your microphone, two decks for music with slider controls for mixing, a sound effects library, and a few other controls to indicate recording, commercial breaks, and more.

Go Live!

You can broadcast live on Facebook and other social media sites with Spreaker, providing an interactive opportunity for you and your listeners. But, you don't have to be live - or broadcasting all the time. You can schedule your show. Spreaker is also an easy solution for creating podcasts.

Plus: there's no need to worry about paying royalty fees for music you play because Spreaker gives you access to a 4,000 track library of royalty-free music.

If you have a blog or website, you can embed the Spreaker player to make it very easy for site visitors to listen to your radio shows or podcasts.

Broadcast or Just Listen

Obviously, with radio shows and podcasts constantly being created, Spreaker is building up a library of content which you can listen to on-demand. You don't need to create an account just to listen and can browse by genre.

To broadcast you do need to create an account which requires your name, email, and a password. The learning curve for Spreaker is very low and the website has even created video tutorials to help you get up and running.

At the moment, Spreaker is free.

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