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Will ubroadcast.com Become Internet Radio's YouTube?

Dateline: 12/05/06



Corey: Any thoughts on what might be the most sought after programming on uBroadcast once the base of users congeals?

John: I think that the more obscure broadcasts will end up taking off more than anything. For example sports that don't get a ton of coverage in the mainstream, or small school sports programs that don't get national coverage as well as hobbies or crafts etc. that don't have an outlet know.

For example a sport like Snowboarding may not make it as weekly show on ESPN, but ubroadcast can serve the hundreds of thousands worldwide who would want to listen and discuss the sport.

Corey: What have I neglected to ask you which you really want to say?

John: The only other thing would be how it compares to Podcasting. As with question 1, I think since we are live we are more attractive to Listeners and broadcasters since we promote interaction.

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