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Be Your Own Radio Talk Show Host

It's Easy With Live365.com


Updated October 05, 2004
A visitor to the Radio site at About.com writes:

“How is doing a talk show different from music using the Live 365 formats. I am assuming I can do a talk show format with 365??” - cdpm1

Yes you can! With Live365.com you can create a talk show in two different ways.

The first way is to record your radio show – or segments of your radio show – on your home computer and convert them to .mp3 files.

Next, you upload them to your Live365.com station using the free software provided to you, “Studio365” for Windows and Mac.

Once your files have been uploaded, you can arranged them just like music files in a playlist of your choosing. So, if you recorded and uploaded whole programs in one file, you can arrange the programs for playback.

If you have created one program by recording several segments and converting them into .mp3 files, you can arranged the segments in the order you want them played back. You can set your radio station to automatically rotate all the files so you can leave it unattended.

But, if you would rather broadcast your talk show live, you simply use the free “Studio365-Live” software which enables you to send your broadcast directly from your home computer. Live365.com calls this “Live/Relay” mode.

By connecting a microphone, you can talk and even play other audio tracks during your live talk show. You can also relay any other audio source you can pipe into your computer (phone calls for instance).

In order to use “Studio365-Live”, you need a broadcasting package that supports Live/Relay Mode. Those packages start at $14.95-a-month (as of this writing) and provide you with 100 megabytes of storage, the ability for up to 50 people to listen at once in basic mode or 10 people in Live/Relay mode.

If you want more people to be able to hear your live programming at the same time, you can always upgrade your broadcast package.

Live365.com remains the easiest way for anyone to begin their own Internet Radio station because it offers many options and the right software for even the newest broadcasters.

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