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Retro Rewind: 80s and 90s Radio for the 2000s

Dateline: 01/18/09


Retro Rewind with Dave Harris

Dave Harris from "Retro Rewind"

Photo Credit: © Retro Rewind
A sample hour might include favorites like “Hungry Like The Wolf”, “Mickey”, “Private Eyes”, “Funkytown” and “Puttin’ On the Ritz”, but you also hear “Sausalito Summernight” by Diesel, “Crying” by Don McLean, “Dynamite” by Jermaine Jackson, “I’ll Wait” by Van Halen, “Stay The Night” by Chicago, or “Whirly Girl” by Oxo.

Corey: Tell me about some of your station’s nuts and bolts.

Dave: We have some nice features. We have our ARTIST OF THE MONTH feature and we spend time throughout that week’s show spotlighting the new cuts from that artist and mixing in the old hits.

We have a feature called TALES FROM THE TOP and it’s done by Anthony Vita. It’s a story behind a song that hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

We also have RETRO NEWS with Jenni Waylon. She catches you up on the latest new with artists that fit the genre. The news is written very quirky and she always finds a way to sing a snippet of an artist’s most famous song during a story transition.

We also feature 7 MINUTES OF 70’s. It’s roughly two songs back to back from the 70s that equal about 7 minutes long.

We have another one called, RETRO FROM THE ROAD. We play live cuts from an artist and we usually blend a couple of them together.

Lastly, we have FUTURE RETRO. These are songs destined for the retro bin in a few short years.

Corey: How do you accomplish your Internet Streaming? Take me through the steps and why did you decide to go with Live365.com?

Dave:Well we’re new to the internet streaming side of things. This show’s history was built on terrestrial radio all these years. The last time we were featured on the net was back in 2000. Live365 was recommended to us. We liked the ability to reach more people and to get into a search pool that people can decide for themselves if they want to listen to us.

We also liked that they can help us land on iTunes radio too. That kind of stuff can go a long way in helping us to accomplish some goals. Some of the staff at Live 365 liked our website (www.RetroRewind.com) and could see that we’re not your typical show. We have a lot of bells and whistles and carry a big stick. We have a lot of content that we feel is appealing to listeners too.

Corey: What is your programming philosophy?

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