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How to Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

Flexible and Cheap Personal Broadcasting Using Your Own Computer


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Radionomy is free and easy to use. You can create your own online radio station. The main interface creators use is the "Radio Manager." This web-based dashboard allows puts all the controls in one place to run your own online radio station. You select the name of your station, choose the musical genre and songs, set up the rules for music rotation, upload an image for it and within 24 hours it's streaming.

Free But Down in the Weeds

If you wish to set up a broadcast and don't want to pay the fees a other third-party to host your Internet radio stream - and you are a do-it-yourself kind of person - you might do well creating your own online radio station by using your own personal computer to create a dedicated server for doing the job.

Some of the software options for getting this done include:

Quicktime Streaming Server

Apple.com says: "Whether you are looking to add streaming media to your web site, deliver distance learning or provide rich content for your mobile subscribers, Mac OS X Server has all of the tools you need. QuickTime Streaming Server lets you deliver live or prerecorded content in real time over the Internet." You can find out more at apple.com.

Quicktime Broadcaster

Apple.com writes: "Combining the power of QuickTime with Apple's ease of use, QuickTime Broadcaster allows just about anyone to produce a live broadcast event." Download this software from apple.com


Peercast.org is a non-profit website that provides free peer-to-peer broadcasting software. "PeerCast is a simple, free way to listen to radio and watch video on the Internet. It uses P2P technology to let anyone become a broadcaster without the costs of traditional streaming," according to the peercast.org website.


Icecast is "free server software for streaming multimedia." Download a copy from icecast.org.


Andromeda is delivery-on-demand software. "Andromeda scans your MP3s and presents them as a fully-featured streaming Web site. That means you simply add, move, rename, and delete files and folders to update the contents of your Andromeda-powered site. It's as easy as drag, drop, stream," according to turnstyle.com where you can download an evaluation copy.

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