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How to Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

Using A Third Party to Create Your Webcast


Live365.com Logo

Live365.com Logo

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Live365.com - Affordable and Easy

Live 365 is the premiere provider of independent web-based Internet radio streams. What Live365 does is act as your "transmitter". They have constructed the infrastructure to allow thousands of audio streams to use their servers to make Internet broadcasting simple. It's easy to begin broadcasting with them and it's easy for listeners to hear your broadcast. Live365 offers several options. (Direct Link)

Personal Stations

Live365.com offers packages for "personal stations" and "Professional stations". With a personal station you can broadcast your favorite music or talk for a relatively small amount of money.

Packages for personal stations begin as low as $4.00/month to $99.95/month. The more expensive the package, the more server space you receive and the more listeners can simultaneously listen to your Internet stream. Plus: Live365.com pays all royalty fees to organizations like SoundExchange, BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC. (Direct Link)

There are six Personal broadcasting packages. Live365.fom says the most popular one is the "Gold" at $29.95/month. With it you receive 28K sound quality, 1GB of Storage, the ability for 60 people to listen at the same time (in Basic Mode) or 30 Live Mode Listeners,unlimited VIP Listeners, and the ability to upgrade at any time. Live365.com is by far the easiest solution for most people. The company provides excellent software to help you create your station and does all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is be creative! Plus: there's a 7-day free trial. (Direct Link)

Professional Stations

Live365 Professional Broadcasting Servces allow you to create live or pre-recorded streams, earn revenue through your own advertising, put links to your station on your own website and stream through popular players like Windows Media, iTunes, Winamp, and more.

The prices for the Professional packages are disclosed when you contact Live365.com. According to their website: "Live365 offers full royalty/licensing coverage for SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Your station gets wide distribution including Live365.com (preferred station status), iTunes Radio (128k stations only), Mobile Apps (iPhone, Android), TiVo (home listening), Roku (home listening), and more. According to the Live365 website, it is "...the ONLY internet radio service that offers full music licensing for your station and website." In other words, if you're running a station with music, you pay a fee to Live365.com and the service worries about royalty payments. Professional packages start at $99/month (for talk radio) and $107/month for music stations. (Direct Link)

The software lets the user broadcast live at any time to ubroadcast listeners or upload MP3 and WAV music files, commercials, and other pre-recorded content to play on their ubroadcast station 24 hours-a-day. "Station Manager" is designed to be used by someone with no prior broadcast experience.

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