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How to Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

Decide What Your Goals Are


Pat Matthews, Internet Broadcaster

Pat Matthews, Internet Broadcaster

Photo: Pat Matthews

So, you want to be a broadcaster? Great! Lucky for you today's technology allows anyone to do what was once limited to a small percentage of people. Now you can become a broadcaster, you can be the deejay, you can be the Program Director who decides what to broadcast to the world - thanks to the Internet.

There are several approaches to creating streaming Internet radio and which one you choose depends on your goals and the learning curve you wish to undertake. If you are truly inspired to begin a Internet-based Radio station that operates for the purpose of profit and generating revenue, your path will be different than from the person who just wants to set up a broadcast to simply share his or her favorite music or opinions with friends or like-minded people.

There are excellent options for the novice which require very little technical knowledge. If you can create or assemble MP3 files, upload them and choose a few options, you can reach a global audience!

So, keep reading because you're about to enter the world of online radio.

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