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Build Your Own Online Radio Station with Radionomy

And Listeners Will Come


Radionomy.com Logo

Radionomy.com Logo

Graphic: Radionomy.com
How many times have you listened to a local radio station and said to yourself: "Boy, I wonder who the dope is who's running that piece of crap?"

Good news: Now you can be that dope - in a manner of speaking. Hopefully, you won't be as hard on yourself as a new Program Director.

With Radionomy.com you can create your own online radio station. Radionomy is free and easy to use. So far, thousands of online stations have been created by people just like you. Play what you want, name it what you want, program it as you like. Apparently, others seem to like listening to radionomy stations because the service says over 13 million unique listeners have checked in to check it out.

It's Easy to Do

The first thing you need to do is sign up. "Radionomy manages online broadcasting, live functions, author/content licensing and scheduling. It also provides a content library of 80,000 songs and other items, audience reporting metrics, and storage for programmers who want to provide their own songs," says the website.

Radionomy is free and since it streams across the web, it's easy to listen to and it's especially easy to manage through a dashboard that allows creators to build and manage their stations.

The main interface creators use is the "Radio Manager." This web-based dashboard allows puts all the controls in one place to run your own online radio station. You select the name of your station, choose the musical genre and songs, set up the rules for music rotation, upload an image for it and within 24 hours it's streaming.

Radionomy provides a licensed library of over 80,000 songs and content which the creator can access. The technical stuff is all handled by Radionomy including the online broadcasting, live functions, scheduling, audience metrics, etc. The station you create will stream at 128 kbs, which is pretty decent.

Brett Garling runs his own radio station, Viceroy Radio and says, "It's a new paradigm and gives Internet radio producers everything they need to program awesome stations. Ad revenue is split, going to the producer to reward their good programming and going to the costs of keeping it all free." Garling goes on to say, "It's an amazing service."

Radionomy also provides unlimited streaming bandwidth, unlimited uploads and as I mentioned before, pays the music rights for songs that stream on your radio station. You don't have to be up on the royalty issues or pay out of your own pocket. The artists get paid and you get to play. In Garling's opinion, "It is basically Live365 for free with unlimited uploads."

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