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How To Create Your Own Streaming Internet Radio Station

Have you been thinking about starting up your own streaming Internet Radio station but you still have questions about costs, procedures, legalities, attracting listeners, and maybe even what kind of station you might want to run? The information here will help you answer those questions and give you a solid push in the right direction.
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Live365.com - Making Everyone a Deejay Since 1999
Live365.com survived the DotCom bust of the late '90s, survived the recession of 2008, and has survived Internet radio royalty rate increases. Now in its fourteenth year, the service continues to offer thousands of online radio stations for listening and the ability for anyone to create their own online radio operation. The new Studio365 app...

Build Your Own Online Radio Station with Radionomy
Radionomy.com has been making a name for itself outside the United States with an easy and free service for listeners and future radio bosses who think they can make a better online radio station. Alright, you're on. Radionomy will give you the tools to build it, name it, promote it, and even earn a little cash from it. Did I mention it's free?...

Do I Have to Pay Royalties to Use Music on a Non-Profit Internet Radio Station?
A site visitor wants to start an Internet radio station for fun, not profit. He might accept donations and thinks he can use his Rhapsody downloads as content. Is this legal?

How to Create Your Own Internet Radio Station
Creating your own online radio station is not as difficult as you may think. There are various options and depending on your knowledge and skill level you depend on a third party to do most of the work or get your hands dirty and do the nuts and bolts yourself. Here's how to go about deciding how to put your streaming Internet radio station...

Retro Rewind: 80s and 90s for the 2000s
Retro Rewind is an Internet radio station based on an idea that began in late 1997. It was then Dave Harris conceived the idea, syndicating the show nationwide in February 1998. Thanks in part to connections Dave made while working at VH1, the Internet version of Retro Rewind features a huge song library, exclusive interviews and in studio performances with the biggest acts of the 80s and 90s. How does it all come together? Read more.

Create Your Own Live Internet Radio Station at ubroadcast.com
ubroadcast allows anyone to easily set up an Internet radio broadcast and begin transmitting almost instantly from any location with ubroadcast's software and an Internet connection. To this end, ubroadcast has just released its "Station Manager" software which allows users to host a live radio show. Read more.

Webcasters Can Survive by Becoming King of Their Content
The Copyright Royalty Board recently announced new proposed rates for music streaming which will in effective, put many small webcasters and Internet radio station owners out of business. But, there is something these broadcasters can do to survive this obstacle - they can become King of their own content. Read more. (Opinion)

Will ubroadcast.com Become Internet Radio's YouTube?
ubroadcast.com has launched and promises to be mostly live programming that offers a high degree of broadcaster/listener interaction. If just creating playlists of music doesn't excite you but the thrill of live radio does, ubroadcast.com may be the portal perfect for the radio show you've always wanted to host. Find out more in this interview with John Castiglione, the President and Director.

80s Airwaves Jumps From Humble Beginnings in Wisconsin Garage
Patrick & Aimee Conley launched 80s Airwaves, an online radio station, from their garage on May 1. Broadcasting full time for the last five months, 80s Airwaves has since climbed to the top 15% of over 7,400 other Shoutcast broadcasters. Read More.

From FM To Internet: Radio Station Survives Online
In September, 1983, WOXY-FM launched in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the time it was the 6th Modern Rock-formatted radio station in the United States. Now, the original spirit of that radio station only exists online. The following is an interview with Bryan Jay Miller, the General Manager. Read More.

Case Study: Beatles Fan Creates His Own Internet Radio Station
Pat Matthews is a former Radio and TV personality. After he left the business to become a free-lance TV and voice-over artist, a chance meeting with some people from Live365.com spurred him on to create his own Internet Radio station. Today, 20,000 people each week catch the streams from his 'Beatles-A-Rama'. Find out how he did it and what it takes to keep it running.

Case Study: 80sNow.com Streaming Music Radio To The World
What happens when you give a Radio Pro a custom computer, 2000 songs from the 1980s, broadband and a second chance at a dream music format? 80sNow.com. This Internet station may be new, but it's going to get known fast. Read more.

Review: Pirate Radio (software)
Pirate Radio is an Internet broadcasting product which allows anyone to quickly start their own Internet-based radio station as long as they have a computer and a dial-up connection.

Librarian of Congress on Rates and Terms for Webcasting
This is a summary of the determination of the Librarian of Congress on rates and terms for webcasting and ephemeral recordings.

Promoting Your Internet Radio Station or Podcast
The Internet has made having your own radio station, radio show, or podcast a reality. But, it's one thing to build it - it's another thing to get someone to listen. That requires promotion and marketing. Here are some inexpensive ideas.

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