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Radio: Harnessing the New Normal

Radio Host Tom Leykis is Creating Audio Content for the Internet and Beyond


Tom Leykis

Tom Leykis

Tom Leykis Publicity Photo
Leykis draws a distinction between the many hobbyists offering Internet Radio and the professionals who have the ability to leverage their knowledge into profitable content offerings. For his new projects, Leykis falls back on his many years in Radio and the skill set he has honed.

“We [Radio professionals] have experience in creating compelling programming content,” he says. “One thing people on the ‘Net don’t know anything about is audio processing and production. Another thing they don’t know about is showmanship. We, in Radio, have amassed many talents that we take for granted. So, to anybody in Radio who has ever begrudged having (as Leykis says) "...a shitload of production" he points out the experience and knowledge that work gives an individual can be parlayed into a critical advantage - especially when launching projects like these.

Counter Programming Against the Status Quo

The latest Leykis product from NewNormalNetwork.com is YourOfficeCompanion.com - an online radio station for listeners who like Adult Contemporary music. It has launched during a time when many AC fans have been displaced by AC-formatted stations who jump onto the all-Christmas bandwagon (or should I say snow sleigh) this time of year.

“Your Office Companion has a Big City sound to it,” says an upbeat Leykis who notes he had 2100 listeners half-way through the stream’s first day online. “Put it into perspective,” he says: "No transmitter, billboard or parking.”

In the “nuts and bolts” department, Leykis says he’s using a third party to provide the streams and pays based on the number of streams served up. He's also quick to point out all proper royalties are being paid. The NewNormatNetwork.com has a sales manager and the company is making presentations to advertisers. “We are creating the content. We are building an audience. We are creating the demand. We are doing it on a tight budget. Trying to create content at the lowest possible cost,” according to Leykis.

"If you’re going to do this, you can’t do a pale imitation of what already exists." Leykis warms if your plan is rooted in the same old tired slogans of a bigger mix or better variety then stay home. "Do what we don't do in the Radio business," he says. "Create new concepts and new content."

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