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Controversial or Scandalous Stories About Radio DJs, Hosts, Presenters

This area contains archived news stories involving DJs, talk show hosts, presenters, and radio personalities involved in controversy or scandal.

When Radio Hosts a Scandal, it's Anything but 'Phony'
U.S. President Barack Obama made a speech recently where he characterized all the scandals plaguing his administration as "phony." You can decide that one for yourself. But, let's be clear: when radio is at the center of a scandal, it's real. Here are four famous scandals from the archives of radio's behavior. Read more.

Radio Talk Show Host Don Imus a Constant Source of Controversy
Radio talk show host, Don Imus, recently announced on his daily radio show he was battling stage II prostate cancer. Here is an overview of some of his career during the past few years including a host of controversies and news items.

Amid Controversy and Odd Events, Art Bell Continues to Go Bump in the Night
Art Bell is the syndicated Radio host who found great success with an overnight show that featured stories and reports of aliens, ghosts, chupacabras, contrails, and anything else out of the ordinary and of the supernatural. Over the past year, his wife died suddenly, he left the United States for the Philippines, remarried, and has now returned to the U.S. Read more and get links for audio and pictures.

New Jersey Radio Host Threatened By Governor Over Crass Remarks
Earlier this week, New Jersey acting Governor Richard J Codey theatened Craig Carton from Jersey 101.5 (WKXW-FM) before going on the air over comments Carton made about Codey's wife. Read more.

Radio Indecency In Little Rock: Clear Channel Fires Tommy Smith
Radio Indeceny rears its ugly head again: Tommy Smith, a longtime veteran of Little Rock radio, was fired today by employer, Clear Channel. Read more.

Alan Freed: The Radio DJ Who Named It Rock 'n Roll
Yesterday, the 50th anniversary of “Rock ‘n Roll” was celebrated with a global salute to Elvis Presley and his tune “That’s All Right” - thought to be the song which began it all. But, we shouldn't forget the DJ who coined the term - Alan Freed. Read more.

Radio Split: Rush Limbaugh and Wife Divorcing
On his Friday program, Rush Limbaugh announced to his listeners that he and his wife of 10 years, Marta, are divorcing. Details

A Radio Host, A Mayor, A Monkey Comment
Bob Lonsberry, a Rochester, New York talk-show host, has been under fire for what some people claim were racially insensitive remarks. Is this criticism warranted? Or, have we just forgotten how to laugh at ourselves?

Paul Harvey Under Fire From Islamic Civil Liberties Group For Radio...
Recent comments by syndicated Radio commentator, Paul Harvey, have come under fire from the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Find out why.

Radio Host Dr. Joy Browne Says Schwarzenegger Fondled Her, Too
Radio host, Dr. Joy Browne told her Radio audience this week that Arnold Schwarzenegger once fondled her during an interview 20 years ago. Read more.

The Glenn Beck Goldline Issue: Is Beck Profiting by Playing Off Consu…
U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner from New York issued an investigation of Goldline International and contends "...spokespeople have happily agreed to promote Goldline by playing off the fear of inflation, to encourage people to purchase gold as an investment that will protect them from an out of control government." He has especially targeted Glenn Beck for this. Does Weiner have a case?

Radio Station Sued Over Using Photo from Internet Meme
A Tampa radio station is now facing an $18 million dollar lawsuit along with an Internet website that offers "sign generators." It seems the morning show at WHPT-FM used a photo from a popular Internet Meme in a way the parents of the person in the photo felt was malicious and derogatory. Would you want to be the mascot for something called...

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