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Clear Channel Radio Promises Less Commercials

Dateline: 0719/04


Clear Channel Radio announced today a company wide initiative to improve the value of radio to listeners and advertisers. Specifically, Clear Channel Radio will place a lower "ceiling" on the amount of commercials it will play per hour, effective with all its radio stations.

Plus, the company will set limits on the length of commercials in any particular spot break.

In addition to reducing commercial capacity, Clear Channel Radio will also reduce and limit the amount of promotional interruption on all of its radio stations.

"Clutter is a major issue in our industry and our decision to limit the amount of commercial time and length of breaks, while reducing promotional interruptions, will benefit listeners, advertisers and the industry as a whole," said John Hogan, Chief Executive Officer of Clear Channel Radio.

The specific ceilings will apply to every Clear Channel Radio station and will vary by format and day part.

The policy will take effect across all Clear Channel Radio stations on January 1, 2005.

- Portions from a Clear Channel Radio Press Release

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