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Power 105 Fires Star For Sexually and Racially Charged Threats

Dateline: 05/11/06


Who said you need Howard Stern on Terrestrial Radio for a good dose of indecency?

Earlier this week (Wednesday), New York’s Power 105 fired Star for ugly remarks he made about the daughter and wife of DJ Envy, a competitor on Hot 97.

"Yes, I disrespect your seed…If you didn’t hear me, I said I would like to do an R. Kelly on your seed, on your baby girl. I would like to tinkle on her...Where does this kid go to school? I got 500 bucks for that information. Oh, yes, I'll come for your kids."

Star, whose real name is Troi Torain, made his remarks about DJ Envy’s 4-year old child during the Star and Buc Wild Show on Power 105 (WWPR-FM)

Newyorkdailynews.com reports, "Torain, who warned in his diatribe that he carries a gun, also called the wife of DJ Envy, whose real name is Rashawn Casey, a 'whore,' a 'lo mein eater' and far worse anti-Asian slurs."

Rob Williams, market manager for Clear Channel Radio, New York City said, "Power 105 finds the comments alleged to have been broadcast by Troi Torain to be wholly unacceptable. We have removed him from the air pending a full investigation."

(The author wishes to disclose in a separate position he is an employee of Clear Channel.)

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