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Clear Channel Media + Entertainment

Clear Channel Media + Entertainment is the largest Radio company in the United States. With over 800 traditional AM and FM radio stations, there's always news about this company. This area archives stories of note.

iHeartRadio Music Festival Lineup Announced
The lineup for this year's iHeartRadio Music Festival has been announced. Here are details of the acts, how to listen, and where to buy tickets.

iHeartRadio 5.0 is an Update 'For You'
If you're a fan of Internet streaming then you'll want to have a look at the newest version of iHeartRadio. The app, now in version 5.0, afford more customization of radio and more.

3rd iHeartRadio Music Festival Announces Lineup, Expanded Venue
The third iHeartRadio Music Festival is coming up September 20 and 21 in Las Vegas. The lineup was just announced and some details on an expanded venue on the Las Vegas strip between the two big night of performers. See who's on stage and what's new.

Every Radio Music Festival Needs a Billie Joe Armstrong Meltdown
The best thing that could have happened to Clear Channel's image was Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day having a complete meltdown at the iHeartRadio Music Festival this past Friday in Las Vegas. Let me tell you why. (Opinion)

Are You the Country's Next Progressive Talk Radio Star?
A national contest backed up by Clear Channel Radio is looking for the next Progressive Talk radio star and is willing to award that person their own syndicated radio show. If you've been Podcasting a show, streaming one on the Internet, or just dreaming of becoming the next Ed Schultz, check out these details.

Power 105 Fires Star For Sexually and Racially Charged Threats
Star from the "Star and Buc Wild Show" on Power 105 in New York City is history. He was fired for sexually and racially-based on-air comments made about a competitor's wife and 4-year-old daughter. Read more.

Clear Channel Radio Creates 75 New Radio Channels - Then Gives Them Away
Clear Channel Radio says it is making programming for some 75 entirely new radio channels available to rival radio broadcasters. The elements are the product of a previously secret initiative now called the Format Lab. Plus, you can listen online right now to any of these channels. Read more and get the listen link.

Clear Channel Rolls Out "Videos on Demand" at 16 Radio Station Websites
Clear Channel Radio's Online Music & Radio has announced a beta launch of its Videos on Demand feature on 16 of its radio station Web sites in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C. and St. Louis.

Clear Channel Radio Now Offering HD Programming on Over 200 Stations
Today Clear Channel Radio announced that 200 of its radio stations will be airing HD digital radio broadcasts by the end of November. At this rate the company says it is on track to air HD digital radio broadcasts on 95% of its stations in the top 100 markets by the end of 2007. Read more.

Clear Channel Fires Two Radio Programmers For Taking Payola
The company says it did its own internal investigation after New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer raised allegations in a legal settlement with Sony BMG. Read more...

Clear Channel Radio Websites to Showcase New Artists
Clear Channel Radio's Online Music & Radio unit has announced NEW! – on-demand, online programming showcasing the music of new and developing artists to a national audience. More Details...

Clear Channel Radio Increasing Spanish-Language Stations
Not quite a year into the initiative, Clear Channel Radio has converted 12 radio stations to Spanish-language programming, bringing its total of Spanish-language formatted stations to 23. Plus, the company is touting ratings successes with them. Read more

Clear Channel Radio Says "Less Is More" Making A Difference in Listenability
After a company-wide overhaul in programming philosopy, Clear Channel says the latest ratings are an indication the company's philosophy is working. Read more.

Clear Channel Radio to Offer On-Demand Studio Performances by Artists Thru Web
For fans craving authenticity and artists who thrive on performing without studio and video embellishments, Clear Channel Radio begins production next month on Stripped(TM) -- an exclusive, weekly in-studio performance series that will be available, on-demand, from Clear Channel Radio station Web sites. Full Story.

Clear Channel Expands Internet Radio Strategy
Clear Channel Radio has announced intentions to create the most compelling online entertainment experience for those visiting music sites. The initiative will complement existing Internet radio broadcasts from the company’s local stations. Read more

Clear Channel Auctions Off Celebrity-Signed Guitars For Charley Victims
Clear Channel Radio is is auctioning off 43 celebrity-signed guitars as part of the company's ongoing support of relief efforts for the communities effected by Hurricane Charley. Read more.

Radio Commercials: Less is More...But Less Can Also Be Better
A new survey says commercial-free music is the real draw for Satellite Radio and one of the reasons listeners are leaving traditional radio. Is there anything terrestrial stations can do to counter this? More than you may realize. Read Why.

Clear Channel Promises To Make Your Radio High-Tech
Clear Channel Radio says it's going to upgrade the services of about 1,000 of it's radio stations over the next three years to provide higher quality audio reception and enhanced data services. Read more.

Clear Channel Radio Promises Less Commercials
Today, Clear Channel Radio announced it will play less commercials on all its radio stations to improve programming for listeners. And there's more...

Clear Channel Radio: $1.7 Million is Voluntary Contribution to U.S. Treasury
Clear Channel Communications announced today an agreement with the Federal Communications Commission that satisfies all outstanding fines and complaints relating to broadcasts of allegedly indecent material on its radio stations. Under the agreement, Clear Channel will make a voluntary contribution of $1,750,000 to the U.S. Treasury and the FCC will vacate existing fines and terminate current investigations and complaints against Clear Channel.

Howard Stern Gets Clear Channel Radio Stations Fined $495,000 For...
Howard Stern has done it again. So has the F.C.C. On-air comments by Stern have been deemed indecent and the company that aired them, Clear Channel, has been hit with yet another proposed fine. Details

Stern Continues To Rage Against Clear Channel
On Day 2 of Howard Stern's banishment from Clear Channel radio stations, the nationally syndicated shock jock continued his war of words against the company and its Radio Division CEO, John Hogan. Read more.

Howard Stern Yanked From Clear Channel Stations
In what appears to be a wave of house cleaning that continues to shake the foundation of shock radio, now Howard Stern has been removed from Clear Channel radio stations in 6 markets for "vulgar, offensive and insulting" remarks. Read More.

Clear Channel Cans Atlanta Radio DJs Over Sex Comments
Clear Channel Radio has fired two DJs from one of its Atlanta radio stations after sexual comments with a porn star aired during their radio show. Details

F.C.C. Hits Up Clear Channel For Another $247,900 In Indecency Fines
The Federal Communications Commission has slammed Clear Channel Communications with another fine of almost a quarter-million dollars for indecent remarks aired on three of its radio stations that carry the "Elliot in the Morning" show. Read more

F.C.C. Slaps Clear Channel Radio With Record Fine For Indecency
Clear Channel Radio has been hit with a record fine of over $700,000 for apparently airing indecent material over several broadcast stations during several days involving the "Bubba The Love Sponge" program. In response, Clear Channel President Mark Mays has called for a task force on indeceny.

Clear Channel CHR Radio Stations To Offer Ringtones, Wallpapers And...
Clear Channel Communications has joined up with ClearSky Mobile Media to offer ringtones, wallpapers, screensavers, and other products at websites of its Contemporary Hit Radio stations. Read more

F.C.C Fines Howard Stern, Two More Clear Channels Stations, Revises...
A busy day yesterday for the Federal Communications Commission: It fined Howard Stern and his employer, Infinity, again. Plus: 2 more Clear Channel stations have been fined and the Commission also reversed its earlier ruling on Bono's uttering the "F" word at the Golden Globe Awards. Details

Battle of the Quotes: Howard Stern vs. John Hogan vs. Mel Karmazin
Here are recent revealing quotes from major players in the ongoing controversy over indecency on Radio from Howard Stern, Clear Channel CEO John Hogan and Infinity Broadcasting CEO, Mel Karmazin. Read more

Clear Channel Imposes Strict New Standards For Radio Stations And On-A
Today Clear Channel Communications announced a new "Responsible Broadcasting Initiative" to make sure the material aired by its radio stations conforms to the standards and sensibilities of the local communities they serve. A new Zero Tolerance policy is now in effect for the company's on-air talent. Read More.

Clear Channel Commits To RDA In Top 50 Markets
Clear Channel Communications has made a committment to equip it's Radio stations in the Top 50 markets with RDS, the technology that can transmit to RDS-compatible radios information about the song that's playing, the artist, title, etc. Read more.

Clear Channel Suspends Two Radio Hosts At '96 Rock', Atlanta
Clear Channel Communications has invoked its "Zero Tolerance Policy" on indecency again. This time, two Atlanta talk show hosts have been suspended for sexually explicit content that aired on their show. Details.

Clear Channel Radio Stations Will Search For
Clear Channel Radio and Sony Music are teaming up for a national search to find a "Radio Star". The contest begins February 16, 2004. Contestants submit entries through a special website and the competition will be aired during a weekly, one-hour radio show hosted by Ryan Seacrest and Elvis Duran from Z100 in New York. Up for grabs: $50,000 and a recording contract plus more. Details...

You've Got Male: Former AOL CEO to Run Clear Channel
There are big changes at Clear Channel, the media giant. The old CEO and Chairman is out and the guy who founded MTV (among other things) is in. Read more.

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