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The Funny Side of Christmas Radio

Humor, Satire, and Other Fun Holiday Stuff


K-ELF Radio Logo

K-ELF Radio Logo

Graphic Credit: © Corey Deitz
There's a funny side of Christmas radio and it comes from various angles: some of the content actually on-air and online plus the Radio business itself and the humor it provides as seen by the people who work in it. Have some fun and read about the funny side of Christmas Radio.

Santa's Radio Station Seeks Experienced Elves for On-Air Shifts

K-ELF, Santa's North Pole radio station is looking for several Elves to fill positions with "...two years radio experience and three years making toys with a major mythical figure." In addition, new programming has been announced! Read the Press Release.

Exclusive Christmas Interview: Inside K-ELF Radio

The recession has even hit the North Pole. Because toy requests have fallen, Santa's Elves have thrown in to start their own online radio station: K-ELF. I Spoke with their Program Director. Read the Interview.

Radio Business Fears Return Of Annual 'Grandma' Christmas Song

Don't look now, but if you turn on your radio, you will no doubt hear that "Grandma" song. Shhh...I don't want to say it too loud. You know the one I'm talking about: the hit-and-run where the old bag gets done in by the reindeer. Yeah, that's the one. We hate it and we love it. But, I promise: it's the bane of Deejays and Program Directors worldwide! Read more.

Twas The Night Before Ratings - A Radio Poem

Here's a wonderful new version of a favorite holiday poem. So, gather all your radio friends together around a warm transmitter, pass the eggnog, and snuggle to keep warm as a new classic is born. Read the Poem.

Radio Writes to Santa Claus

If some Radio folks wrote to Santa Claus, what might they be asking for this year? Maybe something like what's depicted in the following satirical and fictitious letters. To put it another way: "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. But, Virginia, these requests ain't real." Read More.

Radio to Santa: Meet Your New Consultant

When a Radio station isn't doing so well in the ratings, sometimes it will hire a consultant. Radio consultants get paid to change things. Generally, they change things for the better. Sometimes, though, you have to wonder. What would happen if Santa hired a consultant? Probably this. Read More.

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