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Radio Has All Your Christmas and Holiday Music Needs

Online, On-Air, On Satellite


Bob Rivers'

Bob Rivers' "Twisted Christmas"

Bob Rivers' "Twisted Christmas"
Radio is your #1 source for Christmas, Holiday, and Seasonal music. There are so many sources you can choose from including traditional, online, satellite, and more. Here are some quick links to help you find the Christmas music you're looking for.

Christmas Music Stations Online

Need some holiday spirit? There are many online Web Radio stations on the Internet to choose from for Christmas, seasonal and holiday listening. Try them all, bookmark the ones you like. See a list of online stations.

iHeartRadio Puts the 'Home' Back into Online Christmas Music

iHeartRadio offers pre-programmed Christmas radio streams and access to online streams of traditional stations throughout the country that are playing holiday music. If you're looking to accentuate your Christmas music with a taste of your hometown or favorite city, it might be possible. More on iHeartRadio's Christmas Streams.

Customize Your Online Christmas Music with Slacker Holiday Radio

Slacker is a free online Internet Radio portal which lets users customize music stations - including during the holidays. The technical and programming quality is excellent as is, but if you sign up you can customize your experience even more. These stations are free to listen to. Read more.

Trans Siberian Orchestra Online

Trans Siberian Orchestra has become as much a part of the holidays as Eggnog and mistletoe. If you're looking for an online source for listening, here are a few suggestions and what you can expect from each audio portal. Best Online Radio for Listening to Trans Siberian Orchestra

Christmas Music on Satellite Radio

SIRIUS XM Radio to Offer Five Holiday Music Channels - SIRIUS XM Radio is offering seven commercial-free holiday music channels this Christmas and Hanukkah season. Subscribers can hear contemporary, traditional, Country, and classical Christmas music plus Hanukkah programming. Read More.

Hear What Christmas Sounded Like On Radio In 1929

The Old Time Radio website, Radio Days, has offered this free audio from 1929. It features the KHJ Radio performers singing Christmas songs. Radio Days provided this explanation... Read More and Hear it.

Funny Christmas Music

Bob Rivers is the Radio guy who "Twisted Christmas" forever. Back in the early 1990s, a Radio guy named Bob Rivers, who now does mornings at KZOK-FM in Seattle, changed the Christmas season forever when he released an album of holiday parody songs called “Twisted Christmas”. Rivers’ album of funny and original remakes of classic carols and songs gave Christmas time a long-needed shot in the fun factor. Read More.

What's the Deal With These "All Christmas" Radio Stations?

A site visitor wants to know if it's a good move for a local "Oldies" station to go "All Christmas" and if that's a trend. Here's the answer.

The Top 25 Holiday Songs Played on the Radio

ASCAP, The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers released its Top 25 Most Performed Holiday Songs. The list is based on radio airplay tracked by the monitoring service, Mediaguide. Read More.

Radio Business Fears Return Of Annual 'Grandma' Christmas Song

Don't look now, but if you turn on your radio, you will no doubt hear that "Grandma" song. Shhh...I don't want to say it too loud. You know the one I'm talking about: the hit-and-run where the old bag gets done in by the reindeer. Yeah, that's the one. We hate it and we love it. But, I promise: it's the bane of Deejays and Program Directors worldwide! Read more.

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